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What have I learned in my 11 months of Fiverr journey

I read a lot of wonderful posts here but never contributed much. So, in this post, I’ll share my insights for what I’ve learned in my Fiverr journey and how can you get more orders if you are a new and level 1 seller.

A little about myself first-

I am a 27 yr old digital marketer and joined Fiverr last September. I’ve been jumping forth and back from New Seller to Level 1 (credit to the order completion rate). I still don’t make much from Fiverr, it’s around $150-$200/month but it pays some of my bills and I have gained good experience working with clients.

I want to mention one more thing that all my orders directly come from Fiverr search and I’ve never promoted my Gigs anywhere (except for a couple of times in my Twitter account which wasn’t of any help).

Now, getting to the purpose of this post.

What should you do to get more orders-

1. Don’t make the same Gigs which is already available by hundreds of other sellers.

The best example I could think of is web development, SEO, social media marketing etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to not make Gigs in competitive niches. What I am saying is to find a “GAP”. What I mean by this is that your Gig should have a ‘freshness’ and ‘uniqueness’ in it.

So, how do you do it?

Think, be creative, explore Fiverr, write down what can be done differently, can you think of something that isn’t covered by other sellers or the quality of sellers are not good in any particular area or can you think of any micro-niche?

Let’s take my own example- Before making my “Product Research Gig”. I searched Fiverr for this term. After some time, I realized that there are many Gigs about product research but not about finding supplier details. So, I made this my Gig title, “I will find winning products for your store with supplier details”. Today, whatever I make, 70% of my income comes from this single Gig.

Example of a micro-niche-

Maybe don’t go for “I will build you a great website”. Go for “I will make you a Shopify website”. Even better is “I will make you a great beauty store in Shopify”.

Finally, do a lot of test and trial. Maybe you can find the winning Gig the first time or in the 20th time. But if you consistently think, test and try then you’ll get there.

2. The only goal you should have right now is to get a few good reviews in your Gigs.

Even if it means, getting underpaid. Don’t think about money for the first few orders. Do whatever is necessary and make the buyer happy. You might not like it but it is the first step to get consistent stream of orders.

3. Every level of sellers has its own buyer’s category.

Believe it or not, many people look for new sellers for their work. For example- When I was just starting out, I only get people who are pretty straightforward about their requirement and wanted the work to be done at a cheap price. Sometimes I wondered, I didn’t sign up for these menial works. I wanted good work and good money. But it’s a phase. As you advance, the quality of clients and money will increase.

4. Upload video in your Gigs.

Believe me, it will massively increase your click-through rate. You don’t have to hire someone. Just take out your phone, think about what you are offering and shoot up a 40-60 second video. I am massively shy when it comes to taking pictures let alone upload a minute-long video. But I did it and I am getting more clicks resulting in more orders than before.

5. Tip to turn an enquiry into order

Hone your listening skill. if you get an enquiry, read it twice maybe thrice and try to understand what the buyer want. If the buyer wants ‘A’ don’t push them for ‘B’. Don’t try to outsmart the buyer, understand him/her and type a straightforward response. “Yes, I can do that”.

After that, shoot up a question to the buyer. Once they answer, shoot up another one and maybe one after this. Make sure the questions are genuine. What will happen most of time is buyer will involve in a deep conversation with you. They will get a feeling that you are taking their project seriously (which you are) and they won’t take the trouble to explain all of this again to a different seller.

And you will close the deal with most of the inquiries. Not to mention, that you will get a much better understanding of the requirement resulting in fewer revisions and cancellation.

6. Getting good reviews

No matter what, maintain the quality of your work. Nothing will work if you don’t provide top-notch service. Finally, once you submit the order. Always tell the buyer to contact you if they need any sort of revisions and you will be happy to do it. It will save you from the bad reviews.

That’s all folks! I wrote whatever I thought might prove useful to my fellow new and level 1 sellers.

If you like what you read then please like and share the post. It will inspire me to write more.

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Good tips. It’s very well written, thank you.


Thank you sir. It is very useful. Great tips. :balloon::balloon:


Hello @ambujvats_17
This is a very useful and its for all sellers including sellers with more reviews.


This is a very useful tips. Thank You very much.


This is insightful, thank you very much!. :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks brother…it will help me a lot.i think


Great stuff. Nice info. Thanks.


Thank you so much, it’s very helpful


thanks for your valuable opinion it will help us :innocent:

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Thanks for the tip. Definitely going to upload a video for my GIG :smiley:

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Thank you, it’s a wonderful tip.

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A wonderful guideline for a new seller… thanks a lot.

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Having a video making gig it often makes it difficult for me to let buyers contact me for revisions anytime after the is order marked complete. Since I can’t keep these huge files on my pc for longer than a week or two. Some are as big as 15GB per project.
So I don’t fully agree with the last point. But rest awesome article.

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thanks for such a informative post.By the way i wanna know some about a great buyer request.
Something how can i start, and gradually what type of sentences make it special.


its very helpfull for us …thankyou so much

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That’s a good writing, But even fiverr is saying video increase the gig ranking but I found most of the first page gig is with image. Gig Video is mysterious actually.

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Thanks for Awesome Tips!!!

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Thanks for sharing. It’s helpful.


As a new seller its really helpful for me . Thanks a lot.