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What Have You Been Doing to Improve Analytics?

Last St. Level’s Day I got demoted from Level 2 to Level 1. My on-time delivery was atrocious at 64%. Everything else was up to par in the high 90s. I never knew there was an option to extend delivery time with clients. If I’d known this I’d have 100% on-time delivery because those late deliveries were approved by client’s in when they expected delivery. Thanks to the individual here who told me about that feature to extend delivery dates!

I’ve been working assiduously to get my on-time delivery in the 90s and it was a long hard fight. I ensured all my deliveries were on-time and I’ve completed many orders since. I was about to give up because it stood still at 89% for so long even when I’ve been making on-time deliveries. Sometimes three deliveries and no improvement. Then last night it shot to 93%. Sigh of relief over here. Now my next order isn’t due until the 14th so keeping my fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong until the 14th.


Congratulations! I’m sure you will reap the rewards of your hard work.


sign off real hard work. Congratulation.


Thank you. I hope so. Truth is the demotion didn’t affect my placement and sales any at all. Still, I could not chance it being sent back to New Seller Status.

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Congratulations on getting your metrics up. I think most of us are working extra hard to improve.