What have you bought with your Fiverr income?


Hi everyone.

What have you bought with the money you make from your Fiverr Gigs?

Are you a practical spender or do you use that money to splurge?


Until now, i have always bought clothins, cosmetics and supplies for creating jewelries!


the very first time I withdrew cash was the last time because of paypal fees but I bought my mobile phone with it :slight_smile:

after that I always buy fiverr gigs to help me with work much more valuable!


I brought a HP laptop last month .


Mine usually goes into the bank account to pay for direct debits. At the moment though, I have been leaving the money in PayPal and letting it cover recurring payments from there, which I have recently set up for business. I always wait for the amount to be significantly high - usually around $100 - before withdrawing though because then only $1 is taken for PayPal fees. Withdrawing on the Fiverr debit card has a $2 fee, right? So either way money will be lost…


hi im lanakaebay!im a level 2 seller.i start my work in fiverr 7 months ago!in last 3 months i was dreaming about a new bike so i work around only 2 hours per day!finally made 1700$ in just one month!!!thnx fiverr!!!you are my hero!:slight_smile: here is a image of my successes!

i found all money from this gig


and i hope i will get top rated soon!:slight_smile: im new member to this forum but i think to help all of friends here!:slight_smile:


fiverr is my hero!!!:smiley: :smiley: im a still student so this is a huge step for me :smiley:


i bought other Fiverr gigs and stuffs on ebay :slight_smile:


I took my family on a trip to the Wizarding World oF Harry Potter this past September, now I am saving my $$ to purchase a house in 2013.


I’m paying my actual bills for fiverr income ;). Except that I bought upgrade for my Photoshop.


I only keep my gigs open three or four days a week so I don’t take on as much work as some of you. I tend to keep my money in Paypal and use it for things like the Humble Bundle or Amazon gift cards on eBay. The most recent things I bought were a laptop charger and an egift card for myself from the Starbucks website.


I am buying better voice over equipment with my fiverr funds! Right now I am building a vocal booth to get better audio!


Well with my fiverr income i bought:

  • Gym Subscription (Monthly)
  • Bus Subscription (Monthly)
  • Tablet


Reply to giving: Which tablet did you get?


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: There ya go, now that is awesome. I have already posted a photo of me in front of the Harry Potter park, I can’t wait to post a photo of me in front of my new home sometime next year


I been going to the movies, out to eat, and shopping at Rue 21 lol…


Tickets to a movie premiere!


I pay my mortgage every month with my fiverr earnings. I usually make between $2-3k a month…






I have bought so many things BECAUSE of Fiverr. Here are the Proofs. :wink:

In addition to these screenshot proofs I bought 3 domains.

  1. http://www.FRAGGLESROCK.com
  2. http://www.FRAGGLESROCK.com
  3. Still creating

    And I bought Baby Plan of HostGator Hosting too which cost 9.95$ per month.

    Yesterday I bought 25$ worth Genesis Child Theme also.

    I Love Fiverr!





I haven’t bought anything so much as my fiverr income has saved my butt this summer… I had a financial “perfect storm” that left me reeling, and if it weren’t for Fiverr, I would have been up poop creek without a paddle. I guess you could say I bought electricity and a roof over my head with my fiverr income.