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What have you done with your Fiverr earnings? Here's what I did!

Hello everyone!

I created this post to exchange fun experiences and see how people used their Fiverr revenues and what was achieved or purchased! :slight_smile:

So let me start First!
I have earned over $30,000 on Fiverr!

What did I do with this?

  • I have invested $500 into my driving skills and got my driver’s license (Hooray!)
  • I bought my first iPhone for $600 (I find it really great to be used with the Fiverr App)
  • I have invested $1,000 into software that I use for marketing, SaaS, etc. projects that I find useful for all my marketing & university needs and projects. Licensed material, infographics, stock images & videos and more!
  • I have invested $2,000 in a second degree (one year) into marketing!
  • I bought my first car (used) for $5,900! - BMW 320d X-Drive - 2012 (4x4 girl around, lol)
  • Since I have kids, I have spared $20,000 as a budget for my family, myself and daily needs.

I’ll make sure to post some pictures for your motivation!
Would love to hear about your experiences too!



Good question!

A couple years ago Fiverr was my main source of income so it was used to pay bills and basically cover my living expenses.

Now, Fiverr produces about 30% of my monthly income and it is still used to cover part of my living expenses.

My full-time freelance earnings have also funded a couple of summer holidays, a new tablet for my wife and a few goodies for me.


Buying gifts with Fiverr earnings is a great thing - I can imagine how amazing your wife felt when she discovered the tablet was purchased with Fiverr Earnings! :ok_hand:

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Congratulations on making Fiverr work for you. You’ve done great!

Although I have been selling services on Fiverr for a number of years, I keep it as a part-time income as I have other strings to my bow. Nowadays anything I make on Fiverr I view as ‘over time’ rather than part of my work mix.

But to answer your question, going back to the early years, the extra money I made on Fiverr meant I could pay my bills during a not so easy point in my life (I remember the relief at withdrawing my earnings and being able to pay the mortgage that month!), and in more recent years it has paid for some holidays and treats for my children.

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I’m currently ‘full-time’ on Fiverr but hoping to branch out one day (for now, I want to try and focus on getting one thing right!) that being said I got my new gaming laptop (- which was hyper expensive for what it is, really!), pay my rent (the house is mine, so I just pay the bills that split up with my parents and some groceries…) and buy lots of fancy loose leaf tea to help me get through the pandemic :smiley: Currently saving up to either be able to renovate my room - (although we might be moving, so then it’d go towards a smaller new place for myself) or for rent and a couple months of spending money IF the country ever opens back up.


really your post is inspired me that you earn money from Fiverr and you can fulfill your wish. your post really inspired me and make me energetic. and this post motive me so much

and wish you the best of luck

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So happy to hear about your nice experience with Fiverr. The over-time strategy looks to be working for you and that is nice! Good luck with your business!

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I have made around $6,000 so far (within 5 months), all of it has been invested into financial assets, since it is pure extra cash in addition to my corporate salary, that was already allowing me to make substantial monthly savings. The only way to freedom is to put your money at work ! :slight_smile: (almost already doubled this amount with cryptos… !)