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What have you experienced in this situation? Wisdom needed


So, I had a client who messaged me asking if I can create a resume for him. I asked if he needs anything else, he said no. I sent him an offer for the resume and completed the work on time. He then states that he wants the cover letter and LinkedIn I told him I’d do. I never said I would do this and explained he is confusing my gig title (name of gig on my profile) on the custom offer with what I actual said. I said it would be addition $ for the CL an LI but I’d be happy to do it, I then sent a custom offer for the additional work, which he ignored.

Well, he then opened a dispute offering 4 more days to complete the work, but without the additional money. I then explained again that it will be additional money. So I sent a resolution for the additional work. He ignored it.

Well, the order autocompleted and I received the money for the resume I completed for him.

He then left a 1 star review stating I didnt do the work I said I would do.

I have now reached out to CS about the issue.

Here’s my question:

In your experience, has/what will CS do about the review oven I provided the evidence?

I’ve literally done everything in my power to explain and resolve the issue but the client would become unresponsive and ignore my attempts to resolve.

Any experience/wisdom is greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long-winded post.

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CS does not usually remove reviews now no matter how wrong they are. However you will probably find that a one star review will not affect your sales, especially if you leave a concise statement in response explaining what happened.


Miss C is correct. More than likely CS will not change the review. However, I see you have left a response to his review that is appearing on his seller profile. Now he may find it difficult to find sellers willing to work with him. :thinking:


I hope so. :pray: Yea… sounds sadistic… :wink: but based on the OP’s description, it looks like he deserves it. :anger:

In your review for the buyer, I think you’ve done a really good job of explaining the entire situation. If there was an option to leave a like :+1: for reviews (which I know is never gonna happen… for obvious reasons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), I would’ve left your review a like :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s really terrible. I would tend to offer a cancellation when there is a disagreement about what is needed. That way we can start over with the right details or the customer can move on.

Not necessarily for you but for the discussion, I try to state exactly what the details of the offer are in the quote. Many times copy and pasting the conversation in the quote description. Some clients haven’t revealed all of the information. If they were vague, I define the parameters in the quote.

When custom quoting, I can’t always assume that they know what the normal parameters of the gig are. This can be tricky, but well worth the time.

When someone asked, what I can do on the gig, I have a auto message that is the normal gig description with more details. Then if they ask to start an order, that same info would be pasted in the order description.

Nothing prevents everything wrong from happening, but you should be able to really limit it to less than 10% of the orders.


I feel he was misled.

I took a look at your gig title:

I Will Create A Resume, Cover Letter, And Linkedin Profile That Pops

I think you should have included what the gig title offers and agree with the buyer that it sounds like you are offering not just a resume but a cover letter and a linked in profile.

If there are times when you just want to do the resume you should take the other two out of the title and offer them as extras.


I really like this and will start implementing this into my own quotes.

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The best thing I do in these type of situation is to ignore the review and look ahead, However you can leave your story in reply to the buyer review.


Or he could make a gig for each service. :face_with_monocle:


I have an update from CS, a one-time exception was made and the review was removed by CS.


Wow you got lucky! :four_leaf_clover:

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That’s great to know. Lucky you :grin:


It is difficult to check on my phone so I am curious. Did they remove your review on the seller’s profile. I imagine they did.


From what I see, it still shows my review on the buyer’s page.

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Good, others should be warned.


Wow, that’s good from CS. I never knew CS still remove reviews.
Good luck ahead