What have you learnt as a Freelancer


Hey Everyone! What is the one part of being a freelancer do you wish you had help with when you started out?


proper guidance I guess


If you spend all day watching catvideos on youtube you will be very hungry by the end of the month


Can you be more specific? Guidance on what?


i wish i had a proper guidence about this platform…how to impress buyers or making a gig…this kinda things


Have you visited the help centre? It’s very useful! :sunny:

It explains how to set gigs up (I see you haven’t got any yet), how you’ll be paid etc.


Ah. Looks like offlinehelpers has jumped in and pointed you in the right direction! And me!

How about away from the platform. Anything else you thought guidance would be help? I want to make sure I avoid as many mistakes as I can.


Reading is more important than writing when it comes to learning the ropes of freelancing but few actually act on this.
There have been 546,650,302 requests for help in getting started on the forum whereas there are plenty of posts with advice on getting started, getting set up etc.


This is a mod power that sounds more like a curse…


How to say No.

Specfically “N-O I can not do it for less.”