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What how many buyers leave feedback for your gig?

about 80% of my buyers. Im always reply comment all the feedbacks

Hey Tom! I am averaging about 90% and the other 10 I make sure I send a follow-up message for them to leave a bit of feedback, It helps a lot. :slight_smile:

People provided me 3 Feedbacks in 5 Gigs actually i have 100% Rated :slight_smile: But buyers very lazy to provide the feedback :slight_smile:

I get about a 90% at the moment. When buyers don’t leave feedback, I often “check in” to see that everything worked out, as I do things that often get printed.

I’ve got 100% right now, so I’m pretty lucky!

About 4 out of 5 buyers leave feedback.

Had a buyer leave a comment that he messaged 5 other programmers who said they couldn’t do the job before I said I could do it. Only then I realised why he was skeptical about taking the job without first looking at his site… Then I had another idiot recently leave negative comment because I refused to do additional work on their site even after I had delivered TWICE!! The comment was totally unfair.

My gig is web design. I love receiving positive feedback!


I am a new seller. I have 3 orders till now and only one buyer left a positive feedback. And for the other two buyers, I guess we had a good communication during project and one even said he would hire me again. But even when I asked if they can leave me a positive feedback, they all kept silient and no more contacts. I just wonder is my service really that bad? My gigs are helping people source Chinese suppliers and provide supplier information.