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What I can change


What can I change to make my gigs popular?
Sorry if anyone has already asked…



Try to send as many buyer requests as you can. That helped me a lot when I started.


You should change this whole sentence in your presentation:

"My name is Roksana, I’m a digital artist from Poland. Not much to do everyday, I’m just make an portrait or cartoon illustration for fiverr buyer, sometimes create logo’s, or play ukulele, or something else"

Gives the Idea that you have nothing else to do but hanging around and playing your Ukulele… besides visiting Fiverr sometimes.
Not good at all, as presentation.
Sorry for being direct, but you will thank me when you’ll be older :relieved:


You’re right, I did not think about it. I should change it…


Please try to be more professional with your presentation.
Like it is now. the first idea that came to my mind was that you are doing this just because you’re bored, or you do not know what else to do.
The idea of a description is to get the client’s attention.
Good luck! :+1: