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What I can improve in my gig not getting queries


Hi FIverr Community,
You guys are doing wonderful job please help me as well.
What i can improve in this gig, packages or description or meta tags not getting much impressions or queries. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.


I just looked over your gig.
I’m new to fiverr and I’m no expert but if I may give you my opinion as a possible buyer, I would say:

  1. Include more pictures / images
  2. Include a sample or two of work that you have already done
    Again, these are just my opinions,
    Have a nice day!


Its so nice of you to take your time and give me suggestions. I will add a couple of images fiverr allows me. Regarding the portfolio next project i will do i will post thumbnail to the delivery. But i think it only shows if the buyer allows it.

Thank you very much again :slight_smile:


No problem.
You don’t have to use an image of a project that you are currently working on.
Perhaps you have some proof of previous work that you can use?


Yes good Idea, Will assemble the images of some previous works.
Thank you.