What i do now i have lot of skills


Hi fiverr
I am new please visit my profile


I’m not sure what kind of skills you have, but if you are indeed
skilled in logo design, you will need to use your own design.
You didn’t design the Coca Cola logo did you?

Logo design gigs are very competitive, you’ll really need to make yourself
stand out if you want success, also be sure to be professional.


Thank you zeus777 i understand what you say


First time please get my design out, remapping audio and VO, from your GIG. It is not allowed to use the designs of other users.
You said you solved the problem, but they’re still used.
You are a designer, please use what you did.
Take the message sent yesterday seriously.


From what I see you may want to reconsider the title of this thread.

I see no skills showcased.

Just blatant theft of assets and logos.

Like even if you are a skilled logo designer in what world is it ok to use coca cola’s logo as your own? And slapping it on a horrible background color does not paint a pretty picture about your “skills”.


How do you know that Sarah Creater didn’t invent the coca cola logo? As she says, she has lot of skills.

Personally, I think the best thing you can do OP, is apply to Fiverr Pro. Your talents are clearly wasted at just $5 a pinch. Be brave. Raise them up to $100 and become a full-blown creative genius.


thanks cyaxrex for understand me


Wow! You created the coca-cola logo?!

You must be really old considering you made it in 1885!


You should apply for the Guinness World records of the oldest people still alive today.


One of your skills is definitely sarcasm detection.