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What i do to get order on fiverr?


hi fiverr;
what can i do to getting order?
can i share my gig link on this forum?


Things you need to get an order on fiverr

  1. Make sure you are online for the greater part of the 24 hours in a day.

  2. Send customized quote in Buyers Request page. Strive to be among the first 5 persons to send quote in the BR page.

  3. Advertise your gig outside fiverr. You need to make this a priority. Share your gig on LinkedIn, twitter and other targeted social media platform.

  4. Make your gig attractive and catchy. Ensure that your gig description is perfect. If you are not a freelance writer, you might consider hiring the service of one to get a perfect profile and gig description.

  5. Use the right keywords in your gig search tag. Edit your gig by trying SEO search tags that could get your gig to front page.

I strongly believe that when you do this, you will get orders on fiverr.


If you want to tell people about your gigs you are allowed to post a link only in this category My Fiverr Gigs in the actual post above but not in the heading.


Why are you starting more than one topic with the same question?
Stop doing that for !@#$ sake! You are annoying people and with this kind of behavior you won’t make it anyway.