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What I Have Learned From Buying Backlinks


Fiverr is a great market place and I love their platform but sometimes out of their control people sell low quality garbage and call it a gig, and I’m here to save you from one trap that I embaresingly fell into my self.
The trap?
BACKLINKS, A lot of the gigs on Fiverr that offer backlinks are low quality garbage. I remember one time I ordered 10 backlinks for $10 And it was for an art niche website, and the links I got were random and one of them was even a nofollow link from Zillow the real estate website. That was a long time ago, I’ve learned a lot since then, one of the most valuable lessons I learned was when I paid someone $5 to shout my website out on his very standard web 2.0 blog. A couple of weeks later that page out ranked my my company for its own name on Google. And that’s when I really made a turn around with my seo. I realized that it just takes real human work to be at the top of the search engine. So I completely re-built my online business off the back of SEO. My website is found in search engines 500+ times per day and I don’t pay a dime. Contact me for SEO help and please don’t buy low quality backlinks.


In fairness, any kind of isolated SEO like those gigs will not make much, if any difference, even if the links are of reasonable quality and relevance.

As to the fact that the other guy’s blog appeared higher than yours, that is actually a good sign - it means that the blog is valued by Google. Over time, the effect of that link would help your site but in the beginning with very few links, the established linking site will be more relevant to Google than the new linked site.


Yeah thank you for the feedback but you kind of just agreed with me, I am saying that most backlink packages are scams I just didn’t want to be too blunt being on fiverr’s own forums. The point was that posting real articles on relevant high authority blogs is the way to boost your results in the search engines.


I think you should read my comment again.

But anyway, I am not a fan of backlink gigs as you can see from my comment deriding them here -


I agree with you on the not being able to trick google but you do still have to make an effort with SEO, I don’t really know what agenda you’re promoting by saying you “can’t outsmart this company” or basically “You can’t pay for seo” when you really can in fact, I offer a “backlink” Gig where I post company’s website along with an seo friendly article on 10 different business indexes that are related to the company’s niche, and I would have to strongly disagree with you if you think that that isn’t helping with their seo and over all website discover-ability.


You are confusing SEO with the spam that I am talking about in that quoted comment.

Good SEO is about working WITH Google through methods that are good for users. Whether you spam links and articles in 250k different places or you lovingly place 10 of them on carefully selected sites, both are black hat SEO and against what Google wants from sites.

I am not saying anything like “you can’t pay for SEO”, SEO consultancy is my biggest earner. What I am saying is that paying someone to post links for you, with or without an article or whatever, is all just ways to try fool Google. Links to a site are supposed to come naturally, as in a site owner sees that your site has some value for their user base and so it links to the site to point their users towards it. Anything that is not that is an attempt to fool Google into believing it is.

Anyway, I had my daily allowance of forum arguments earlier today so I will have to come back to this tomorrow.


Lol it’s cool I think we reached an agreement anyways. Have a nice forum argument free night.