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What I Learned From My Loss Of TRS

There is so much emphasis on being a TRS - the coveted title (just like Pro), but it’s only a level - a little bread nugget or carrot that Fiverr likes to hang in front of you. It’s just a level people! How do I know this?

When I lost my TRS level back in August (because I wasn’t deemed worthy enough anymore), I didn’t care. I still do not care. In fact, I care less now more than ever! I don’t even miss the seven-day clearance anymore. I just put forth my best effort, and in the last two months, I managed to surpass my own expectations.

The only things I focus on are my clients and their needs. If their needs and mine mesh, wonderful. If not, then I let them know I appreciate their business, and we move on. I’ve been so busy the last two to three months, I’ve had no need to run any more ad campaigns. And, this is fine too! It’s great to be busy - between the school job and Fiverr, I am doing quite well.

Here’s what you need to understand. A level is only what you make it. There is so much emphasis on it that we lose sight of what’s so dang important. What is important? Doing your best work - allowing your work to speak for you. So what if you’re a Lv 0, 1 or 2? Heck, even as a TRS.

It’s how you approach your business that will dictate just how well you end up doing.

Don’t think so? Ponder on this for now: I cannot find any of my gigs on Fiverr’s search results. However, between the ad campaigns (which I can dock from my taxes) and my repeat clients, it’s been good. How you come across to clients will either net you repeaters or don’t! It’s not your level that dictates the business; it’s your professionalism and demeanor.

If you come across as abrasive and rude (which isn’t hard to do on the Internet, even when you don’t mean to be), then word spreads around that you’re not someone to do business with. If you don’t put forth your best effort, word spreads that your work isn’t quality material.

Word of mouth is prevalent in business! And, the same holds true for good business practices. There’s an old saying, “You catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.” This is a motto I live by. It’s a motto I use in every aspect of my life. I am not perfect, and people do get under my skin from time to time. However, if you smile sweetly and talk rational, you get better results (the same issue can be applied to Fiverr CS).

Levels are just that… levels! They are designed to separate the good from the bad. That highly coveted TRS is nothing more than just another level. If I’m ever deemed worthy of it again, great. If not, then so be it! To be honest, I’m all good either way.

Perhaps this is something every seller needs to keep in mind… not just myself!


I see all levels who do as well as me or more so. I’m sure a lot do pay attention to it though. I’m happy with it.


You are definitely in the right mindset.

I wish all new users who are obsessed with search results, badges and metrics get to read your post, they can see what a healthier way to work on the platform looks like.


Yes I agree with everything you said there BUT being a TRS definitely has its perks. Quicker clearance time is one but the most important I’d say is the elevated level of credibility. To me, that counts. Other than that yeah its a personal milestone and sense of achievement but in some cases that can work as a catalyst to perform even better because of the badge. So the bottom line for me is that being TRS is not going to do wonders but it most definitely helps in certain aspects.


Very few buyers care about levels.
No buyer has mentioned my level and I have been everything from new seller to TRS.
Build up your own credibility with clients, don’t wait for some badge to do it for you.


I have to disagree with you that TRS lends sellers more credibility. I am no more credible than I was before, during and after TRS. I focus on the work - that’s my sense of achievement. When I finish an article or ebook, I am delighted to have given it my best (whether the clients feel that way or not)

Sure, seven days’ clearance is nice, but if you’re bringing in regular money… does it really matter? I have made more money in the last three months as a Lv2 than I did as a TRS for five months before losing my TRS.

I have only had one buyer mention my loss of TRS - one! And, even he said, I was taking things remarkably well. It’s just a level. It doesn’t change my persona; it doesn’t change my quality; it doesn’t change how I do business.


I think social proof (Number of reviews you have) more important than the level badge, because the majority of buyers think that seller with many :star:5 reviews has a quality work.


I have to vehemently disagree that the TRS badge gives more credibility. Perhaps a newbie buyer may think so, but at the end, at least this one we only care about the quality of work that is displayed and

** A very well written & coherent description **


She says while secretly operating a new criminal empire behind the scenes. :wink:

I have to say that I have no aspirations to become TRS or Pro at this point.

There are several sites I work on where I have to pass tests (no multiple choice garbage) before I can start selling. Then when I start selling, there are no level demotions.

I can gain more credibility the more I sell, and acquire new titles like that of ‘Pro’ and ‘Elite Writer.’ However, I never have to worry about losing these as a result of a chance disgruntled buyer or situations outside of my control. This makes for a much healthier work life balance as I can just get on and do my blooming job.

By comparison, Fiverr has micromanaged seller levels and ratings into obsolescence.

When I do look at the search, I feel dumbstruck when I see rising talent and Fiverr’s choice badges on the gigs of new sellers who often have few if any reviews. Neither does Pro do anything for me but say “VERY EXPENSIVE.”

If I was a buyer, I would also feel a little confused about how some Fiverr sellers seem to jump between levels.

For example, if I ordered from you @emeraldawnn when you were a TRS, then kept ordering from you after you had been demoted to level 2 and noticed no difference in the quality of your work, I’d feel like Fiverr just uses TRS badges to try and hoodwink people into buying services that are (usually more pricey), but comparable in every way to cheaper services offered by level 2 sellers.

The same applies when a level 2 seller is demoted to level 1, etc. In my opinion, demotions for the most part, just erode the credibility of the level system altogether.


Great… now you just let the cat out the bag. :smiley:

None of my clients have said that my quality of work has changed, so there is that! I wrangled in a new buyer in September with a huge project we split into twos - and both times, he (and his colleagues allegedly) have raved about how good the ebook was. I’m delighted and hope he and I work together again.


If that was the case, then I’d still be a TRS… I had two cancellations all year, no late orders. And, as far as I know - just one or two buyers who were unhappy during late spring this year (meant this not last). All I know is that Levels-be-darned, it’s not the end all, be all to them. Dunno, don’t care.


meeh…I’m not worried about it, but so many sellers are so concerned with their levels that they lose focus on what’s most important. I just thought it was important to share my POV about what I see as an issue.

(Coincidence maybe but I just got an order from a new client. He reached out to me first, and that was nice. We’ll see if I can turn him into a repeater.) :smiley:


If @emeraldawnn was any more of a voice of reason and sobriety on the forum. she could start her own rehab clinic.

I can’t think of anything she has ever said on the forum that would result in any kind of negative Fiverr consequences. I also don’t think sellers need the stress of having to worry about what they post on the forum and how this might affect their gigs. Neither do I really want to entertain the idea of Fiverr wasting time and money on such monitoring.



I think my husband would beg to differ about the voice of reason? LOL but thank you for the compliment.

It could be because I stated I was getting a full-time job and would potentially have less time on Fiverr. It’s not the case, as I have found a healthy balance between Fiverr, school job, kids and gym time. Like you said though, I doubt it’s from that, but I’m like mehh. If they were to offer it back, I’m not sure I’d jump up and down with joy for it… in all honesty!

I have a flippant attitude about levels. My writing, on the other hand, is nothing I take flippantly. I aim to do my best and make my clients happy. It’s all I strive for.


Amazing post! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

I love your positive attitude. I would be curious to learn more about your ads you run. Where and do they really work?

Definitely. Also, maybe someone is a TRS because they exploit themselves to keep clients happy. That doesn’t indicate skill or value.


Bravo to that! :clap:

This is very true! I do not mind having a 14 day as opposed to a 7-day withdrawal. Once you have steady sales the :moneybag: comes in steadily.


When I get a free minute this weekend, I’ll reach out to you. Back at the school job yesterday, and I’m slammed at work. We’re trying to get background checks for everybody in the school and around our kids.

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Appreciate that. Are you a Teacher? I am!!