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What I Learned From My Loss Of TRS

Not a teacher. I am a secretary at one of the Pre-Ks in our town (a part of one of the local school districts). I graduated college with a news editorial journalism degree with a minor in criminology. However, about two years into my career, I realized I was pregnant. That changed the course of my life dramatically, and about two years after his birth, I started freelancing. It’s only been in the last 7 years, I’ve gotten my crap together and managed to lose 100+ pounds, gotten more involved with the community, was working in the school district’s cafeteria and whatnot.

Last year, I found out my son’s kindergarten teacher (who is the Pre-K director) needed a new secretary. Lo and behold, I moved away from the cafeteria with the board’s approval. I absolutely LOVE my job. I’ve managed to have the best of both worlds, and I wouldn’t change it for anything!

I get to see my son grow up, work full-time, own a business and spend time with the little ones too. LOVE LOVE LOVE my jobs!

I see what my teachers go through, and I don’t envy y’all in the least. Sometimes, it’s a thankless job!


I do not envy Teachers either. I have been at this 17 years, and it is HARD! I think your story is great. Glad your loving it. I love working with kids. The politics and paperwork - ugh. I communicate regularly with a retired teacher here. It is fun when I bring up stuff, and she is so glad to be done with it. Fiverr has been an amazing experience for me. My story is long and involved. But I overcame some early deficits in my writing ability to get where I am now. So, I love writing because I worked hard to be good at it. Still want to learn more about your ads you ran. Message me or inbox me with that. Charles

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I have a job this weekend for the school - writing Christmas card letters to our school’s 90 kids. That’s a lot to do, and I’m going to have to do it in batches thanks to my carpal tunnel. However, I wouldn’t do it any differently. I love these kids. They are so sweet and adorable.

I first started writing when I was 15 - I had always done well in English and reading (overcoming some very terrible teachers in grade school). I wrote a short story for myself in 10th grade. I always wanted to be a writer - always. So, I went to college for journalism. I changed my major once, but when I realized this major could become a minor, I switched back to journalism and focused on it and criminology.

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