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What I learnt about giving Discount

One of my buyer ask for a discount for a massive orders about drawing portraits for his corporate (300 person). First he message me said that he like my style and ask me to do him a sample portrait (he paid).

After I completed and delivered to him and he asked for a super discount price for the rest.

  • discount price for each Portrait.
  • waived Source File $.
  • waived Commercial License $.
  • MUST met deadline of delivery. (1 month from now).

Lucky him, I did gave him the discount above as he wish, since Jan is not really good in sales, I wish to have some recovery.

After I gave him the super discount offer quote, he return and tell me he want me draw in another style! (which is ridiculous), I told him I unable to do that and then he said he can’t continue with my offer.

Some of my buyers never ask for discount price even for mass order, as long as we met their deadline for the gig delivery, they’re happy and even give good tips!

What I learnt is that if someone really want your gig, respect your work, they probably won’t ask for discount, and you shouldn’t. It make us feel cheap.


Buyers that love your work will not message you, they will place in their order with correct amount of $. [From my Experience]

You’re right!

I think it is reasonable for someone to ask for a discount on an order of that size and what you offered him looked like a really fair offer. The fact that he then asked for something different to what you quoted for is just stupid on his part, but I see that happen a lot.
Great buyers will respect your work but I think a great seller will also respect their buyer and also not give them a reason to try someone else, deliver value and you will keep them and sometimes that includes giving them discount.
I had a buyer give me a week of work in proofreading, this meant that I did not have to spend time bidding on other jobs and that my full week of work would be spent actually doing his work. For this I gave him a discounted rate. I would be crazy not to quote a different rate to the guy who wants me to do an hours work. That order gave me a little more than my normal week’s wages but also gave him a great service and a great price - it worked out well for both of us.

Of course, this all depends on what your gig is and you should obviously never discount an order so much that it is not worthwhile.

This is true!

What i have found out, is that if you enjoy the work you do on fiverr, do it for cheap, the buyer will appriciate your effort and you’ll get the money back in tips anyhow, and your feedback will look better.

Exactly, further they also give you a tip if they love your work. I got $25 as tip

“Buyers that love your work will not message you, they will place in their order with correct amount of $. [From my Experience]”

I agree with this completely.

My work is already heavily discounted as it is. When they ask for a discount I actually prefer not to try to work with them. I consider it rude.

Thank you @chrisdata for sharing your experience with us! Great detail about giving discounts. Was this order from your I will paint You TopNotch Vector Portrait gig?

I get a lot of messages from customers that want rock bottom prices, I never consider them as its not fair on your customers who respect your work and pay the going rate and we are already working at the lowers rate , cheapskates really irk me ! sorry you had to experience this sort of behavior

In my experience, people who ask for really low prices but expect very high quality are problematic.
Without exception all the problems with buyers I had on Fiverr cam from $5 orders.

I agree

Sorry to hear about your experience and i totally agree with you that we should not give discounts for Bigger projects but for me as a Level 1 seller i gave discounts if a customer has more than one project because i just want to make a Reputation on fiverr :slight_smile: