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What i need its just 1 strong backlink,How i can find this


Every know if u want to rank your website u neeed goood backlink and not much as google said.

As Google said Quality not quantity. im doing Content Marketing with good backlinks with big sites with DA 70+

but i thing not this backlink what google want, Yes my site is better now but I expect there is something wrong

what i need just 1 strong backlink to go To the top, but where i can find this link ? do u know someone here can give this ?

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As an SEO expert I can say you, just make sure whatever link(s) you are getting are actually beneficial and useful to those seeing it. If it’s not relevant or helpful, or just a bunch of links, then chances are they aren’t worth having.

this is not true And wrong Lots of sites are posting and they are not relevant or helpful but they ranking :slight_smile:

Those websites got ranked and have a very high position, at a time they usually not follow SEO rules as much.

Have you considered the PA page authority of the links you are getting?
Sure, a strong domain is good but if the page has a low authority then the link isnt worth much.
A Facebook or other social media profile page has a very high domain authority but the Page Authority of a profile is 0 or very low. This makes them pretty worthless as backlinks.
The same can be said for backlinks from sites like Microsoft who allow you create a profile with a link on the page.


Iknow all that but the Q is what is the best GIG do u thing i can get really ranking ?

Depending on the niche, a link like that will cost you anything up to $1k or even more.
I don’t know of any gig that offers that kind of link.

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If you will made high DA links then it will be greet instead to making high PR links
DA will help you to improve your ranking

I just want to mention the following:
Website authority is measured in many different ways.
Moz is a website that created the Moz Score which is where the phrases “Domain Authority” and “Page Authority” come from.
These can be vastly different. For example: has a DOMAIN Authority of 87 and a PAGE authority of 89.
If you get a link to your site from the HOME PAGE of, it will be really positive for your SEO.
My profile page ( has the same DOMAIN AUTHORITY of 87 but my PAGE Authority is 1 (the minimum).
If you get a link to your site from my profile page it wont do very much at all, pretty much the same as posting a link on your Facebook account.
If you search for “free seo tools page authority” you will easily find a tool to check page authority of any link or guest post someone is offering you. Hint, if they are only going to create the page when you order then it is DEFINITELY a PA1 (the minimum).

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If you made 100 PA1 links will that help at all? Or will it still make very little difference to your google ranking?

Still very little difference if any.
If you liken pages to people then PA100 is Einstein and PA1 is [insert stupid person here].
Getting 100 stupid people to say something is good (link to) carries a little bit more weight than 1 person but it does not compare to getting Einstein to endorse something.


Gotcha. So all these people on Fiverr offering 120 backlinks (which is them making logins on government websites etc and inserting your link) aren’t really doing anything for your ranking?

In my opinion, no, it doesn’t do anything worthwhile

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That’s good to know. Thanks @eoinfinnegan

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I don’t think those links are totally useless. A dofollow backlink from any high DA site, visitors, and google bot come to your site through those links, they always pass some value to your site (which called link juice).
Through backlink, search engines can infer that content is worth linking to, and therefore also worth surfacing on a SERP.

Im not a SEO expert but some basic understanding.

When thinking about backlinks, always think about that: Good backlinks are not easy to get.

And always ask yourself:

“Would I want that backlink if Google wouldn’t exist?”

I’m pretty sure with those 2 simple things in mind you can’t go wrong with backlinks :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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