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What I need to do as a new seller?


Hi I’m new seller.Do you have any suggestion for me please???


create a gig and start posting it.after that search for orders by yourself


Thank u so much dear.I will create gig soon


First of all, you can start by having a look at the Fiverr Academy: . You’ll learn a lot of helpful tips and tricks. The forum is a great place to browse for information.


Thank you so so much dear!


Another advice would be not to use “dear” when talking to buyers.


In addition to what @exilegraphics just said, Don’t lie about your location, don’t use fake portfolio.
You can just add “Pakistan” or “India” or whatever your true location is to your location and you will get more orders than you will get with a fake location.
All the best!


If you are new in Fiverr, You need know about fiverr rules. Otherwise, You will not be succeess in Fiverr business.



Thank you so much


yes but I’m facing problem.I’m from Bangladesh.But showing Australia.
Why showing I’m confused.


Check out these 6 new seller tips here
They might help you gettin’ started.
My best wishes are going to you. Good luck in everything you do.