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What I need to do If buyer give me a negative review?

I got some problem. I buyer was give me a job but there he was give me broken theme. I did his job properly but he said that I brake his theme. now he give me a negative review. what I need to do now?? and in my profile there have 4 star. what is the way to increase this?? please friends give me some I Idea .

yes i got also negative review from buyer on my reddit upvotes… i done my work with honesty and he gave me negative review infact that buyer reddit story is 1 month

what I need to do now??

There are two options in a situation like this.

  1. You can talk to the buyer and offer him a refund.

    You let him know that you will offer him a full refund by cancelling the order. This will remove the order from the system therefore the negative review will be automatically removed.

  2. Or you could redo it until he is satisfied to request him to turn the negative to a positive.

I had a buyer give negative who thought I was a psychic and asked me what color shirt he had on? I’m not even a psychic! Ignore and carry on.

Reply to @productivesam:

I’d like to add a few things:

  1. Make sure the buyer removed his negative review before you cancel the order, otherwise it will stay there. That is what Customer Support told me when I asked them about it.

  2. You can offer redos, but don’t let the buyer take advantage of you. Stay sharp.

Reply to @james_illus: Thank you for pointing out those. Good luck @shakil247

Reply to @productivesam: what happened if i re move the gig??

any one tell me please how to refund ??

Reply to @bachas85: That’s good to know. I didn’t know that was even possible. Luckily I’ve only had one negative review, and after contacting the customer to make it right they changed it to a positive. Nice to know Fiverr has some support for Sellers, because I hear a lot of tears on here about that - especially with new rating system.

Reply to @modelas: How you didn’t know that was possible,but you contacted fiverr before and they did it for you? it seems all your comments here are to support fiverr on whatever they do,relax they wont push you higher in search results or anything…