What i need to do now ? my gig description function not working properly . It's 48 hours pass no reply from customer support!


Hello , Everyone

First i want to say Thank You & Very appreciated for your help in suggestions on this type situation.

About 48 Hours ago i am going to change my gig description and i can see there is issue and that’s why i can not add my text description . i attached a screenshot of what i discussed with Customer Support ! it’s like emergency ! my gig is live but without gig description. I can lose customer if this issue never going to solve .

Required some suggestion / help on this situation. What i need to do for now ? is customer support give me reply back ?

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Try to clear all your browser cookies and chace.
May I see your gig? and see if the description still the same to my browser.


Hi peopleneeds

thanks for reply , unfortunately i can not send any credential due to forum privacy / policy ( nor i like to fix this issue via any person. ) , I need more suggestions , i already done all basic steps that need to do with browser . fiverr CS is working on it and i trust him , so i need to know is this issue happen just with me or it’s common issue ? [quote=“peopleneeds, post:2, topic:97927”]
May I see your gig? and see if the description still the same to my browser.


About a week ago I have the same issue, and I think it’s a bug but they already fixed it.

I just changing my gig description just about now and It works fine. It means either your computer or browser that doesn’t respon.

Try to avoid any HTML/css code to your description. restarting your computer, clear your registry, restarting your internet configuration and see how it goes.


Many thanks for reply !

  • yes i done this step before submit ticket in Customer Support ! but no changes in gig description issue. restarted computer , clean browser data , even i try 4 different browser to make sure issue is not in my browser or computer. changed 2 computer too ! installed latest flash player too for different browsers
  • Yes , first i get description from my gig description and then past it in plain txt editor ( making sure i don’t get HTML / CSS code from web ) but issue is still there… i attached explanation video to cs and they checked it and then i did’t get a message from Customer Support !


Hi, regarding the character limit: your screenshot says it´s showing you errors with 1984 characters, I thought the limit is 1200?
Also I´ve observed that typing text directly in the fiverr gig description box versus copypasting text into it makes a difference, you could try that. Of course do check your text in Word or somewhere for typos and such still.


Gig character limit is 1200 , i try that too ! issue is’t fixed ! as there is problem , like when i make space it’s count 6 character ! is space count 6 character ? no correct !

and yes i do copy past but via text editing , without any backend code ( No HTML / CSS )


Yes. I mean try it without copypasting, type directly into the gig description box, spaces and line breaks/paragraphs will be a problem else. It sucks to not be able to copypaste, sure, but it sucks more, if your gigs don´t have any description at all, or not.
Okay, good luck anyway. :slight_smile:


i see many seller they using more characters in his gig description , why we can not write more ? i try this too ! still issue . i wright 100 word and description box counted 300 word !


I don´t know, I never had an issue when I typed into the gig description box directly and stayed within the 1200 limit.

Or is your question why the limit is not higher than 1200 characters?
If it´s that, well, my first unconscious reaction to that is Yes, I want more characters, more words! but then when I think about it I´m glad for the limit, because I´d write too much else and buyers might not want to read a whole book on each gig description - the ones who read the descriptions at all probably will read those of more than one seller after all, and those who don´t read them, well, doesn´t matter how short or long the text is in those cases.

Anyway, if you don´t want to write your text so that you have a description at all while waiting for CS to reply, that´s your decision of course.

If it´s a real bug and you can´t even update your gig if you type into the box directly and leave it under 1200 characters, and you did all CS suggested like diligently clearing cache etc., then that´s bad of course, but they told you they refreshed your account already and did escalate it to the tech team and that it may take some time, so I guess you´ll have to wait in that case.

I had a problem with the number of allowed gigs in queue not saving some time ago, and went through the same thing, they refreshed, I cleared etc., nothing helped, but eventually they sorted it out, I think it worked again after 2 days, keep trying to see if the issue is sorted.

I´d not write more than 1 time a day personally, but that´s up to you as well of course.

Good luck.


try to edit your gig and see how many charecter are take ! it’s take 5 characters in my gig description.

Type : Apple Means = 5 Character
then make a space .

See apple word 5 character + space = 15 ?


that’s what i explaining in video , check again video if possible !