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What I say in a Blind Review

Although I hate blind reviews I feel as though I have to use them.

What I’ve found is that I often seem to get a hint from the buyer as to what they think of what I’ve done for them before I need to do the review. Which is a big relief. That means I can go ahead and give them a good review too.

For those who are slightly more closed about what I’ve done, I’ve just picked an interesting element from the work I’ve taken and mentioned that.

I still worry before I see the buyer review but I am trying to give them feedback that helps. What I do if I get a bad review? Who knows? The problem is I just won’t know of course and they’ll have a five star rating :slight_smile:


Well I suppose it had to happen. I gave a buyer a 5 star review because I thought that I’d delivered what they’d asked for. And a 2.7 star seller review was revealed. Yet, I can’t respond. The buyer obviously hadn’t read my proofreading and editing gig as I offer a light edit (so their voice doesn’t change into my voice), and what they were looking for was a comprehensive edit! I’d done 261 edits on a 1,500 word document. And now of course I look like a complete idiot. The buyer was great, and if he was great (most people would think)presumably the rating is too! And I don’t get any chance to explain the issue.


Actually the review option was made to share your experience with your buyer, this is why Fiverr make it Blind to tell you indirectly DON’T reply to what buyer said in his reviews , but share your experience . if you feel that you did a great job , describe when you submit your review like : the buyer asked for some modifications and i did anything he requested and he was satisfied with the result … etc .

if you feel that your buyer has unsatisfied or disappointed with the result, it is best not to leave a review.

How are you supposed to sense the buyer’s satisfaction level before you’ve seen their review?

I understand that some buyers will make comments as they go, ask for revisions etc. but if a seller hasn’t heard anything from them once they’ve delivered, they must assume they’re happy until they get to read their actual review. Then bang - disappointment. :slightly_frowning_face:

Actually, some Buyers can not be understood :joy: