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What i should do before start fiverr skill test?


Hi… i am back here after some month. right now i am thinking about take fiverr skill test. but i have no idea which kind of thing will be there and i have an expert over WordPress web development and Linux server administration. now i am thinking about take a WordPress Test and English language test. so, what i do as part of preparation ?


You can find free videos of any course on youtube.


I really don’t think any short term prep will help much. The tests are designed for a pretty advanced level and test details that some videos most likely won’t refresh.

Just take them and see how it goes.


yaah,you are right that not help much, basically i am working over WordPress from 3 to 4 years so i have all kind of knowledge about that., but sometime that happen we forgot some small things and it create negative impression over the test(down the % value).


Yeah, well, those small things can be really hard to relearn.

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I took the WordPress test out of curiosity and I can say that it was an absolute waste of time.
Not only is it out of date, but it doesn’t really prove anything. For example, knowing what are the minimum requirements for WordPress 4.1 is completely irrelevant, especially because we’re at version 5 and v4.1 was released over 4 years ago.


you are right at your end. but buyer don’t know about this, he/she only check that whether you passed over test or not. no matter which kind of test are …!!


Most buyers don’t even know that there are tests and they don’t care about those