What i should do if i want to avoid my buyers order cancellation request?


One of my buyer want to cancel my order. I give him 5 revision but still he is not satisfied and now he send me a cancellation order request. But i do not want to cancel order. Moreover, i agree to give him more revision because i think order cancelation will give negative effect on my account.
1)What I should do now? How I convince my buyer. It is a $50 order for an e-sports jersey design .
2)Can anybody help me how I could do eye catchy jersey design (first design was done in photoshop)


Let the buyer cancel. If you don’t he will go to customer services and ask them to cancel and that will be a black mark against you. If he doesn’t cancel you will get a bad review and that will be worse.

in regards to question 2), you’re kidding right? Never, ever take on an order that you are not capable of doing.