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What i should do those kind orders?


Buyer ask me to create a logo with Nice colors. I create few logos and he do not like any of those colors

Gold ~ Not Nice As he said

Green ~ Not Nice As he said

Yellow ~ Not Nice As he said

Pink ~ Not Nice As he said

Silver ~ Not Nice As he said

Black ~ Not Nice As he said

White ~ Not Nice As he said

Blue ~ Not Nice As he said

Gray ~ Not Nice As he said

Brown ~ Not Nice As he said

And i ask few times what color he need, He keep saying Nice Color! What should i do? And each time he want new icon / New effect / New font


sounds like he/she is having you on. Saving all of your logo colors because they are too lazy to do it themselfs. Hopefully he doesn’t cancel the gig.

Best way to fix it is,

Apologise you still can’t find a color he finds nice. Advise him that unless he tells you a specific color then it will be hard to find a resolution to the issue that you have.

This is one reason why I won’t start work if the customer says “give me a nice effect, or nice colors” I need specifics… If they insist that they have no idea what nice is, then I’ll state that my definition of nice won’t be the same of yours… so if I go ahead with this you can’t come back to dispute this.

Hope it works out.


Reply to @wolfstarpicture: There is near million of tiny lines on every logo! It will take months to remove all those lines and patch colors. Still asking for a nice color