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What i should i do.. a buyer trying to fools me

a buyer he have seen my work. and he love it… and then we are negotiate about the prices. he wants its very very cheap with a very very high quality. and then we have a deal. i draw it with a photoshop. i never use any tools. after i delivered my artwork he want to cancel it… so what should i do?

can i report him?

sorry for my bad english


he said like “It looks like standard auto-trace with some modifications, how did you make it?” so how about my last work that he love it. that artwork is my style.

Tell him “I drew it with photoshop without using any tools. I apologize that you do not like it but I did the work as promised.” This happens a lot and simply not liking what someone got is not a reason to cancel a sale.

For the future, you should always be cautious when a buyer wants really high work for very cheap price. It is best not to do jobs like that. Just tell them the price of how much you will charge, and if they do not want to pay it, simply and politely tell them something like…you are sorry you will not be able to take the job for less, but there are many good sellers out there who can probalb help you. good luck to you…

I usually refund the money as its not worth trying for until fiverr come up with a better system to save buyers and sellers both at the same time this is what you can do, may be you can send a low resolution image with a water mark for him to review and if he likes your work you can send the hi res as the delivery. wish you success!!

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