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What i should to get 1st order? i am new on fiverr

Need Help!
I am SEO Professional Facebook Marketer and YouTube Expert. i am also founder of ict help desk. i am working here from 2017 with lots of buyers . i know fiverr is number one marketplace ,so i decided to work in fiverr marketplace. but i am new in fiverr. i am active on online , i am still waiting for my 1st order .

what i should to get 1st order?


This is an only way to getting the first order…BUYER REQUEST

Top menu > More > Buyer Requests

Everyday, you have send 10 buyer request to apply for jobs. Make sure you apply for 10 orders every day. This will allow you to get an order earlier.

Market well your Gigs. Use social media, blogs, forums, youtube videos etc…



thank you brother. more than 10 request will be problem for my account ?


keep patience and share your gig on social media everyday


my facebook timeline or Group post? where i should share?


Helpful discussion for me

If you Non Level Seller, you can apply for only 10 offers per day. :slight_smile:

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If your Facebook sees potential customers, promote on Timeline. If you are in a group / groups related to the industry / work you sell on Fiverr, put it in the Group. Or you can do both :wink:

10 is the daily limit. You can not respond to 10 BR in a day.

you can apply for only 10 offers per day

Fiverr detects your activity. Being active on Fiverr can rank your profile as well as your gig. If you are a new seller BR is the best friend here.

  1. You’ll have to get rank for your gig. Try to be active on Fiverr as much as you can also in Fiverr Forum. Send 10 BR every day with perfect analysis.
  2. Firstly target a log competitive main keyword for the title as well as for the tag. For the description focus on the buyer’s advancement from your gig, don’t write these lines, “I’m professional, I have 1-2 years of experience, Please hire me, Unlimited revisions.” Trust me, buyers hate these lines. Lastly, try to use keywords in your gig’s description with making an attractive and eye-catchy image.

Here is some tips for writing an effective offer.
I’ve researched a lot on writing effective buyer requests to win a job.
Step 1- Read the BR minimum 2 times and try to find out buyers’ requirements and problems.
Step 2- Tell him the way you are going to solve his problems.
Step 3- If you have any demo work which matches his requirement attach the link.

These steps will increase the chance of getting the job.
Good luck

From what I’ve read on the forum, this is false information. So don’t fall for it and bend over backwards to remain active when this doesn’t help you at all. Instead, focus on making your gig the best it can be so it stands out from your competitors. If you have a solid gig, buyers will come to you regardless if you’re online/active or not :slight_smile:

This is a useful post with all kind of tips organized: Are You a New Seller? Not Sure Where to Start? These are the Resources You Need to be Successful on Fiverr

Hope this helps and good luck on your Fiverr journey!

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Please what is BR? I have been on fiverr for years but inactive, just come back and want to be serious

Not false. Yes, buyers can come to you when you are offline but being online increases gig ranking. Research on it, you’ll get I hope.

Br means Buyer request

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Hello @seo_nazim try to look all information here, hope its help for you



I’ve read many topics on this forum debunking this theory plus other articles on the web where none of this ‘stay online’ stuff either came up, or was sufficiently substantiated. So if you have a concrete example that it works by all means share it with us all.

But you know what, I’ll meet you halfway! Of course, if you’re online and a buyer uses the ‘online sellers’ filter it helps. Some buyers want to have a direct response and an online seller is likely to provide that. My point of saying it’s false is because people might believe simply being online will bring in sales. Consequently, they might get no sleep just to stay online when that’s simply not worth it.

I hope this clarifies a bit better why I said what I said :grin:

Welcome to fiverr and best of luck

That’s the point. No SEO will work if you are offline while the buyer is using that filter.

Yes because the filter is meant to show ‘online’ sellers so if you’re offline you won’t show up of course. My point is that I think you overestimate the value buyers place on that filter. I tried to say that yes some buyers use that filter so if you’re online when they do, great (still doesn’t guarantee a sale). However, many buyers simply want the best service regardless if a seller is online or offline. Meaning they search using relevant SEO in general, without the online filter.

It’s alright to agree to disagree. The OP asked for tips about a 1st order and my advice is instead of focusing on your online status, focus on your gig being the best it can be. Can you be online without it disrupting your daily life and sleep? Then by all means be online, it doesn’t hurt. But don’t be under the impression your online status is the primary make it or break it solution for receiving a 1st order. That’s all :smiley: