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What i supposed to do now?

buyer is giving me work that is not in gig scope he said he need just brochure design and ask to take content from website but when i deliver him he said not to copy paste text from website he want me to write content by myself i am a designer not a content writer and it was also not in our agreement that i will also write content for brochure
i contact customer support i just received auto reply saying that it takes 10 days for human reply and i dont have that much time what should i do ??
thank you for reading i am waiting for your valuable suggestions on this issue


It’s all in your communication skills.
You definitely should explain it to your client:

“Thanks for sending your feedback. Unfortunately I’m unable to write text myself as I’m a designer and provide only brochure designs in my gigs. For content writing I would advise to look for gigs from content writers or marketing professionals. As for our order I’ll be happy to provide revisions based on the design services only, please let me know if you have any revisions for the design itself.”

I don’t know if you are providing source files or not but you can also add that you will send him a source file and that he will be able to change the text himself.


i tried to convince him but he opened dispute to cancel order but thank you so much for reply
i will again try to convince him

Then you can always decline his request with a message that his order is not eligible to cancel as you provided work based on your gig description and his original requirements and orders can not be cancelled for the extra requirements on the services that you don’t provide”.

It’s like asking someone to create their logo and after that asking to cancel an order because designer didn’t write you a blog article.
That’s totally ridiculous.
Stand your ground, decline all his cancellation requests and wait for fiverr support to reply to you even if it’s going to take 10 days.
And of course it’s up to you if you want to try to send the message that I drafted for you or not. But I would advise to try to do that anyway.


For future reference, as soon as you receive an order that wants you to “just take content from the website”, you:

  1. Immediately reach out, clarify that you’ll be copy/pasting the content and make sure that they confirm and that they are fine with that.

  2. Tell them that you don’t provide copywriting services. Offer to extend the delivery deadline if necessary so they have enough time put together or commission content from someone else.

(Pick one depending on how grumpy you feel).

Sometimes when I do festival posters, buyers try to imply that I should do the logo as well (because it’d be included on the poster so it’d make total sense). And you’d think they’re just clueless but then they turn around, send the logo that they already have and go: “Don’t you see that it’s terrible and doesn’t fit, do your own!” So I’m convinced people do it deliberately.

Refuse the cancellation, use the nice message Maria has written. You’ve done your job. They can’t demand things you can’t do.


One option might be to just copy and paste text from a website BUT run all content through a text spinner to make it unique. This is by no means ideal. However, it is one possible solution.

I would advise the buyer to order text from another seller. However, I am guessing that you have already tried this option.

I have had the opposite happen a few times. A buyer orders text for flyer or landing page and it turns out they expect me to make the flyer or landing page too. In my opinion, it is usually best to cancel, as I get the impression these people know what they are doing.

When I have delivered flyers and websites, I have inevitably got the old "I can’t see the file," or "you have done all this completely wrong, please cancel" etc, etc.

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i think @mariashtelle1 and @lenasemenkova suggestion is better then ordering content from other seller
buyer knows his business better then me he can create issue in content too

I would also require the buyer to send me the text he wants copied. That way you have it on record. If he just says “from the website” there is no record and it’s a bit of a grey area.

If he refuses: a) He’s planning to scam you


b) He’s lazy and expects you to do the work of sourcing the content from the website, work that actually isn’t in the scope of your gig.

Neither scenario is worth working with. I’d cancel before starting the work.

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his actual words are “go to the website to know how we are and to gather content for creating brochure”
so i gather content from there he did not say that he wants me to rewrite the content
and now he is saying that i my bio its stated that i am fluent in english so you cannot write content

That’s why I said you need him to copy the text he wants into the order requirements.

You’re a designer, not a virtual assistant. It’s not your responsibility to get the text from his website. This was a huge red flag that he was either a scammer or just plain lazy and difficult. Neither scenario is someone you should work with.


Speaking a language doesn’t mean that you will write content.
Many people speak English but it doesn’t mean that all of them are content writers and marketing professionals.

He is just trying to find an excuse to scam you.
Stand your ground.


Definitely. It’s not in the scope of the order, so she doesn’t have to do it. And manipulating her into thinking she has to… What a tool this buyer is!

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he is keep opening dispute i am declining every time why these kind of buyers even exist in fiverr

exactly I start only one gig.but i try to make more effective one by one… your writtings are so promotive in my efferts… thanks dear

finally i got response today from CS they said they will cancel this

Why will they cancel your order? Will they compensate you for the work?

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I agree they should not just cancel but rather solve the issue in both parties favor. If you delivered what the gig description says (hopefully without any doubts) than this is what you should get paid for.

I dont mind saying this but sometimes I get the sense that certain buyers expect the seller to bend over backwards just as there is a order being placed. Seller as well as Buyer should always behave professionally and this would also mean telling a seller off (like in your case I presume).

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