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"What I Won't Do" - Morals vs Money


Sometimes I wish I had more words for my descriptions, just for what I won’t do. I know, that sounds counter-productive to have a ton of stuff you won’t do, but there is a good reason for that that goes beyond not writing about topics I am not knowledgeable in. I must have gotten 10 inquiries about writing product descriptions - well, actually, stealing product descriptions from other websites. I get rewrite requests where someone wants me to go to an authority site or blog and rewrite an article. I have a strong moral aversion to plagiarism and copyright infringement in any way, shape or form. I also won’t do articles about iffy products like male enhancement supplements or anything I know is usually a scam.

I don’t think I should have to compromise my morals to get work. I’ve had my work stolen and I know all about copyright infringement. I don’t want to be part of that problem, even if my name isn’t on it. Yes, it loses me work, but I sleep like a baby at night knowing I did the right thing.

Besides, from what I’ve seen looking at other gigs, there are plenty of people who will do that work in a heartbeat, so I’m not really hurting anyone, although there are some buyers who will persist even after I say “No thank you.” I usually don’t give a reason, I just say "No thank you, that is not something I can do."

Buyers, when a seller says no, they mean no, for whatever reason. Please just let it go and find someone else.


I learned to keep it real simple, I work to projects if I feel to, I may miss some money but I really can’t feel like a robot-slave or be scammed.




Reply to @voiceoverwork: Yeah, I thought about that after I posted it. Mods can move it if they think it needs it.


“Sleep at night”, so true. Totally agree.


No I think it is important that it stay here @voiceoverwork how we behave as sellers is an important element of Fiver.

I think people need to realise that you can say no!

Ultimately, the good sellers will prosper as will the good buyers. Those who aren’t so good, on both sides, will hopefully be weeded out over time if we all stick to our core values and principles.

Sorry to preach but I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of thinking you have to do whatever work is thrown your way. That’s not the case and the sooner we all understand that the better.

So for me, this post is in EXACTLY the right place.


Reply to @calderjon: Thanks. The way I see it, the dishonest ones will find each other and form a little criminal clique and leave us alone. :wink:


Just want to add that I just got a message from someone who told me up front that she had been having problems with getting plagiarized work on Fiverr that didn’t pass Copyscape. I laughed, because I had literally just posted this thread 5 minutes before! I assured her I felt the same way, so now I have a good buyer who has promised me multiples of work if I am honest! Just my kind of buyer.


I have said a quite a few “no, thank yous” since I started here. And, it feels good.

I didn’t like this one project where the buyer wanted me to completely copy another’s design–I did do the design, but in my own interpretation because I did not want to infringe on the designer’s work. I am glad the buyer found someone cheaper because s/he would have requested things I would not do.