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What if a buyer cancel the order after I have done some work on it already?

Hi I am new to sell on Fiverr. I am planning to send some parts of my job to somebody else to do after a buyer has accepted my offer. But I am wondering what if the buyer cancels the order after I have sent those jobs out? Is it possible to request the buyer to pay part of the money after the job has started?

Thanks for your help.

It’s always a risk, when you subcontract out.

Depending on what you do (since you have no gigs on your profile), it might be better if the buyer directly hires those parts of the job themselves. Alternatively, break the order down into smaller orders and do the work in stages. Also, state very clearly in the gig what parts of what you offer is done by you and what is hired out.

Without knowing what service you want to offer, I cannot give examples or further advice.

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