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What if a buyer cancels the order just after delivery

Hello everyone,
Today a client got the delivery and is not responding even he is online maximum time. I have question that, what if the client takes my delivered works and and cancels the order. The client is a BUYER (also a seller). If this happens I will be in big trouble. He got the works, he will get the refund, and will sell my works to his client. He will GROW. But what about my profile, it will get a BAD impression.
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Let’s worry about problems as they come. He didn’t ask for cancellation yet so there is no point in this conversation.

What is important is that if you delivered your work he doesn’t have to respond to you. Order will just autocomplete itself in 3 days and that’s it.

If you think he is reselling your work then most likely he is just waiting for a feedback from his client :woman_shrugging:


Thanks Mariashtelle1 for replying but the client tried to cancel the order 3 times before getting the first delivery. I was one who was declining because it wasn’t my problem. Since he is my first ever client in FIVERR I offered him a deal in which I told him, "you’ll be getting PREMIUM PACKAGE SERVICE in BASIC PACKAGE within the delivery period without any time and price extension. And fortunately he requested a Revision. Our team gave their maximum efforts to make him happy. But now he is not responding even he is online everytime.

That is where you made a huge mistake - giving this guy premium services for basic prices. He knows you are weak and can take advantage.

This is why he tried to cancel 3 times. I hope you do not have “unlimited revisions” on this Gig he ordered? If so, expect problems not only from this one, but future buyers.

Also, do NOT message this buyer. You delivered the finished product, so the ball is in their court and if they want to reach out, that is up to them. If you message them asking them to complete the order, review you or anything else, they can report you for spamming them and you would get a warning.

Just think positively for the time being and that they will accept the order and you will get paid. There isn’t much you can really do at this point.



Thanks genuineguidance,

Your reply helped me a lot. I gave him PREMIUM PACKAGE SERVICE because I was in a position where he tried to cancel the order 3 times. And I knew if I accept the cancel order request then my profile would have suffered. So thats why I gave him this offer. So what can we do in such a position where the client is not telling his requirements but only cancelling order and keep on say " the seller can’t so the job ".

And now I will provide only 1 revision to all clients. But what about the money. Will I get or not. Its written “Delivered (in pink highlight)” and “this order will be marked as completed in 3 days”.

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I had something similar a couple days ago - someone placed a huge order and cancelled it within 10 minutes (I didn’t even have any instructions). I probably wouldn’t have gone through with the order (although I do understand this was your first) but going through CS could have (probably) saved your account. What I would worry about in your case is either a bad review (or cancellation now, which would make a 100% cancellation rate if this was your only order). But there’s good chance they just won’t review you and let you have the money since you did put a lot of effort into the order - you will see what happens next. (Don’t contact them, just let the order close on its own. unless they try to cancel again you’ll be fine!)

Thanks Maria for your best explanation.

Today I got the message “order marked as completed automatically” but unfortunately no reviews. Hope to get some good and trustable clients. And I got 4$ instead of 5$. Is it FIVERR who took 1$??. or something else happened??.

Fiverr takes 20% (it’s normal!) both off the order price and tips. And as long as it’s completed that’s a good thing! Reviews will come slowly so don’t worry about that!

Thanks mam. This means a lot to me😊

Today its 3 days later when I delivered him the order. Can the buyer review me now or not. Cause I’m gonna block him now. :roll_eyes:

Yes he can.
I see you didn’t read the rules that you signed and agreed to.
As per fiverr TOS clients can reviews your work within 10 days.

Ok I see. Thanks mariahstelle1
Kind Regards,
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