What if a buyer doesnt rate my work? Dont they know that a new seller needs their reviews more than


I have just completed an order worth 30$ . It was about e book writing. I did everything to make my buyer happy and he was pretty satisfied too. But now , after marking the order as completed , he didn’t left a review. What should I do?


You can ask for a review, but it’s the buyer’s choice on whether they do or not.

Best of luck.


As it was mentioned above, you can ask the buyer to leave a review. But remember, sometimes buyers simply don’t do it, and sometimes they’ll come back well after an order is complete and leave a review.

If you do ask, keep it very polite and direct - you don’t want to annoy them! :slight_smile:


I get reviews about 90% of the times, I think its about how you built relationship with your buyers, and yes always politely ask for a review, explain to the buyer how much it means to you.