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What if a buyer send an order and opened a dispute right after that and seller get level demotion?

This is the very first time something happens to me like this. One of buyer suddenly came and brought a one of my Gig and after an hour, and so he requests for dispute requesting to cancel the order. I didn’t even see it coming. So once I accept his dispute my order completion rate gone down to 88% and now it says I will have a level demotion when it comes to this month 15th. Actually the faults not even in my hand but I do get a level demotion because of buyers fault? I am bit disappoint with that. Anyone can suggest me to get this thing sorted out? It would be really helpful.

Thank you in advance!


There nothing can be done now…, because you already accept the cancelation.
But incase the same thing happen again, you can ask your buyer to contact CS and ask them to cancel the order. If Fiverr CS cancel the order, it won’t affect the completion rating…,

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Thank you @ridwansugi. Buyer is threatening me saying that he is going to put a bad review for nothing. So I cancelled it. I don’t want to ruin my profile. I do get what you are saying. Thanks again. Hope not to happen anything like this to anyone here on Fiverr.

I had something similar happen to me a few months ago where a client abruptly cancelled an order. I did not realize that if I accepted the cancellation that it would go against me on fiverr and drop my completion rate from 100% down in the 80s. The cancellation came without any reason or warning. I was working on the gig one minute and then got a notification the next that the buyer wanted to cancel it. The buyer was unresponsive completely after that. I finally did accept the cancellation–like I said, this was early on in my fiverr endeavors–and noticed the drop in completion rate. It seemed rather drastic and inappropriate considering that I had a 100% on everything up to that point. I contacted Fiverr CS after the fact and although I did not get a response, it appeared that they reviewed it and removed the negative.

I really wish they wouldn’t penalize the seller by default if the buyer cancels the order.