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What if a Buyer to Do not respond to dispute after 5 days?



I have a negative review from Seller and i sent dispute for review modification…

What will happen if buyer do not respond to that dispute within 5 days ?


If the buyer doesn’t respond it’ll stay as it is.


oh, is there any way to remove it ?


You can ask CS if you think it breaks the ToS in some way, but buyers are allowed to leave the feedback they think the seller deserves. :sunny:


Okay Thank you so much


You’re very welcome! Have a lovely weekend! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m wondering what happens if delivery time extension is sent, and goes unanswered? On the page it says the order will be CANCELLED if the buyer does not accept the request to have it extended. :thinking: One would think the request just expires, and the order goes overdue and not cancelled. :scream_cat: