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What if a Buyer Wants a Job Completed Long After the Usual "Official" Completion Time?


I’m supposed to publish an article on my blog 5 days past the date it would normally be completed. The buyer requested that it be published on that specific date. In order to send her confirmation that the gig was completed on time I would need to send her the link and screenshot, but obviously I cannot do that until it’s published.

Will there be any negative consequences for me or her if the gig is not completed in the timeframe I ususally post?


It all depends on the buyer, if you are lucky, they will be patient enough to wait. I have done one gig similar to yours.

See Samples:


I think that as long as neither you nor the buyer tries to cancel the order during that time period it should be alright? It will show up as “late,” but I do think you can just let it sit and then deliver it once you’re done. If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone will correct me, but I’ve heard of other sellers doing that.

Are you writing the article to go up on your blog? If you are, you could ask if it’s alright to “deliver” the gig with that content before the delivery date is up and then send through the link or screenshot with proof that you’ve posted it on the specific date. I find that buyers are usually pretty understanding about something like that, since they’ve asked for something that is impossible within the normal constraints of your gig.


What I do is uploading (delivering) a custom portfolio item and explain the buyer, and I just keep on working until we both are satisfied. Most buyers are not in a rush and sometimes I need to wait a week or more before receiving the information I need. This way you always stay within the system deadline.

I always create special portfolio images also to protect buyers privacy and improve the chance of him not blocking it from being used for the live portfolio.

See examples: