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What if a customer does not pay?

I have delivered on time and did not heard from my customer nor received any payment. It is now 3 days ago. Fortunately it was only a small gig, but what if its a bigger gig. What security does a seller have that his customer actually pays after one has delivered ones work?

Is there a timeline for buyers to pay?


Your customer is supposed to pay before you do the work.

Never do work unless the buyer first places an order. Why would they pay if they get it free without paying?


So if they place an order they have already payed?
The buyer has placed an order but after I delivered my work it has not appeared on my earnings. Only in upcoming earnings. Does he has to clear it or something?

Yes they pay when they place the order.
It will stay in upcoming earnings for 3 days and then move to pending clearance for about 10 days and finally move into your available balance where you can withdraw it.

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Ok thanks for the heads up.

I was just worried because the other gig before that moved faster. That is, the money moved directly to my earnings. I got direct feedback and a tip an hour after the work was delivered and now I heard nothing. Maybe the customer has not checked his account yet…

Did they change it? My last auto-completed order too 3 days to complete and 14 in pending clearance. Even if the buyer completes it after delivery, I thought level 2- took 14 days and TRS took 7 days to clear. I’ve been crazy busy though so maybe it did change. Hope so!

Hello i have issue on fiver with client that we have done our work of 40 screens he placed order to me i completed his order and deliver his work he ask for some revises i did these but he is arguing that some pages are left i ask him tell me other pages but he cant reply to me i again deliver the order to him its almost three days ago what i get money from fiver of that work or not

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