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What if Best Practice is 'wrong'?


Have you ever wondered;

  1. if the best practice is actually the ‘best’?
  2. who defines best practice?


This is such a vague question that there isn’t an answer. What is the best practice? You haven’t defined it, so how can anyone else answer it?


Can I have what @mattgiddie is having?


You can define it yourself. It is not a universal term. Hope that helps.


Sorry if that isn’t quite universal.

Best practice is used when benchmarking a client company with another. It is used to denote the best ‘practice’ in the industry, done by best player or most effective firm etc.

So my criticality is whether we ever wonder who defines the best in the industry

Hope clear now


In the freelancing industry? Or just in general?

If you’re talking about just the freelancing industry: is this even applicable to a field where so much is just individual players reaching out to clients?

If this is in general: I don’t know that the Fiverr forum is the best place to have a general discussion of business practicalities.


Sorry i was joking a bit, but I know what ‘best practice’ is, it’s one of those office terms I ran away from in my previous corporate job.

You just give a definition of best practice. But it can be applicable for literally everything, not only for the example you give.

You could even share bests practices for boiling an egg if that’s your expertise.


You can define it yourself then right? Since you don’t know who defines it, that leaves it open for you to do it to your own satisfaction.


Water actually! :grinning:

And working on a pitch deck


The best in the industry would be determined by looking at the bottom line and the satisfaction of both buyers and the company itself, it’s workers and production. You can do it yourself by making inferences about these things after doing research.