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What if buyer cancel da order?


Hi to all.

My question is what if buyer cancel the order? Can that effect on my rating…?

Second question is. If seller get the order from buyer, and seller is not sure about design for buyer, and don’t have any ideas and can’t design a logo. If they ask buyer to cancel the order, how that will effect on seller?


I was a little confused about your questions, so I took a look at your profile. You asked about what can happen to a seller’s profile if they cancel an order, or if they are unable to create a logo for a customer.

I’m going to guess, but it sounds like you are having trouble with a current buyer. One who may have thought you could provide logo service. And they may be unhappy with what you have delivered so far.

Here is why I guess this. Your gig images are other people’s work and not your own. Not only is this a ToS violation, it’s also bad business practice. This could lead customers to think you actually did those logos, and I would assume they would ask to cancel when they found out you didn’t.

Please don’t open a Fiverr gig with stolen materials. If you are a capable artist, then you will be able to fill your profile. It looks like you spent a few minutes copying images and text from google. I recommend to make changes immediately before someone reports your account.


Yes that will affect on your status


I ask only for future work. Not for this new buyer which order my gig. To be clear. For all logos in my logo gigs I have vector files, so, if someday fiverr support contact me to prove that, I’m ready to send them all vector files. This is my new account, I deactivate my old account for some reason which is not important in this case. Maybe you see that logos on my old account. My logos are old less than 3 years for your information. So don’t be ridicilous. If you cannot answer on my question, do not write on my topic.


Then you must at least be concerned that your images are being used by thousands of different people, right? I know if someone stole my work that I wouldn’t be so laid back. Look for yourself, your images are being used everywhere. Yes, it will hurt your stats if you cancel. It would be the same measurements as your past account, which was disabled.


Any cancellation will bounce on seller rating no matter what, that’s why you have to make your gig well understandable and also tell buyers to discuss there business with you before placing an order.

I think this help?


I don’t want to west my time with you. If fiverr ask me to show them vector files, I will.

@mattkabelo Thank you !