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What if Buyer change requirements in middle of Order

Hi All,

Many Times we take requirements from buyer and then we start order.

But few change the requirements in the middle or at the end of works, asks for something else which is not discussed earlier, in that case If i say my buyer you can change requirement in middle or at the completion of work, or we create custom extra order for his new requirements, they dont accept new custom order with existing order… If we dont deliver their extra requirement, they dont give feedback for your work, even if you have given extraordinary delivery of work.

How you guys handle this type of problems.

mutual cancel is my answer

Hi there,

   If your buyer wants to add to their delivery requirements after the gig is started, it would almost certainly require more work from you.  Let them know that this would require an additional charge, and assuming that they are fine with the additional amount, send a custom extra through the order page and add the additional time that it will require on your end.  This will ensure that, not only are you being compensated for your work-performed, but that you have ample time to complete the project, including the additional requirements.

Assuming that the buyer is not okay with the additional payment required of them, I would agree with @dusuacangmon to mutually cancel the order. If the buyer is upset with events that are transpiring and decides to cancel the order and leave a negative feedback, contact Fiverr Customer Support, immediately. Inform Fiverr of what has happened and they will almost certainly remove the negative feedback for you.

Remember, that if you conduct business in an honest way, yet you’re backed into a corner by unreasonable buyers, rest assured that Fiverr will almost always support you in getting things resolved in a positive way :slight_smile:

How about buyers who order a gig and say “I’m not sure, maybe I should order a gig extra but you do the work first and then I’ll decide?”

…then they flew off into the night, forgetting that their shitty karma followed them :wink:

Reply to @dusuacangmon: you are about to deliver the work, in that case you prefer to cancel the order?

Reply to @gaursh: yes, I do too. Some buyers can take advantage of you trying to put more stuff without payment since you already spent some time on it. I value time more and cancel always when see such behavior. When they start to wonder why I cancelled I say I didn’t see this in the first description and it seems I don’t qualify to do this job, I ask to accept mutual cancellation and after I forget about this buyer.