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What if buyer did not leave feedback after order completion?


Should we request him to leave a feedback. If order is automatically marked complete after 3 days.


No you shouldn’t, with this new rules even just mentioning word “review” can get you into trouble.

If they want to leave a review they still have 10 days to do so


If the buyer wants to leave a review is up to him, you should not ask for reviews, as stated above it can get you in trouble.


First read the terms and condition otherwise you will face in big problem …

Good luck.


Don’t worry, Buyer can give you feedback after 3 or more Days. Stay focus on your work and don’t think about your feedback. Sometimes they forgot to give you feedback.
Have a Great fiverr journey.


Well the buyer probably was in a hurry or he totally forgot to do so or whatever.
Dont ASK him to leave you a Review.
Things have changed over here.
He has his room to leave you a review.
But if he doesn’t do that. Just let it be. Move on. :slight_smile:


Yes man!

A very biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig



Whats wrong with this message labeled as spam by fiverr team and did not shown to receiver ?

“Looking for a designer to update the overall design of MS word document (16 pages) to look more modern and reader friendly. Design should be print friendly. It needs to be done today. Content will remain exactly same. You should update the design of 1 page and send me your work. There may be more future work for designer. Any question you can ask File attached.”


You sent it to who?

Please answer that


Send to multiple sellers


If just 3 of them report you.
You’ll get 3 different warnings. Boooom!!!
like a sudden trick in a Bollywood movie.
your account will be gone.

Bye bye


It might be because you copy/paste same message to multiple sellers, or because you offer word gig and you are asking other sellers to do work for you


If you are a buyer fine!!
If you are a seller. Its dangerous


you are right i did the same


3 warnings or 3 violation .Account vanish…:joy:


He is definitely a seller otherwise he would not ask for giving review.:grinning:


3 warnings On single day ?


Lifetime :rofl: bro…


Really I received the 2 already ?


Good.First read the TOS and carefully do the all things.