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What if buyer do not reply?

I have delivered the order but the buyer is not coming online.
what will happen if the due on time will be end? then does my order will consider completed? as now it is in delivered orders list.

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If you don’t hear back from the buyer after delivering the order, you don’t have to worry about anything. Your job is done.


actually I provided him unlimited revisions so I was worrying about that what if the order got completed and then he come online and ask for a revision.

Maybe the buyer doesn’t need any revision… which is a good thing right? It probably means that the buyer is satisfied :smiley:

However, if the buyer were to contact you in the future (asking for a revision), just do it (provided, it is within the scope of the services you offer). When the buyer asks for a revision in the future, you might notice that the order status would change to “LATE”. You don’t have to worry/panic about that cuz although it says “LATE,” it WILL NOT affect your on-time delivery rate or order completion rate.

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