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What if buyer gives you revision and didnt tell you what changes he needs?

i am working for a buyer, he is just giving me revisions, not telling me anything about what to change, I delivered many new designs, now he just gave me revision again and haven’t given me any information. i am remaining with 1 hour only to deliver the work and he is not replying.
what should i do now?


If you delivered the original order on time it might not count a late revision in your stats (I think there’s a good chance it won’t count towards stats even if it says late on the order page if it was delivered originally on time). If you’ve asked him what needs changing I’d just wait. Maybe ask again at some later stage. If after days he hasn’t replied maybe consider requesting cancellation.

It’s possible the buyer could be getting a list of changes required from someone else (eg. their client) and so just pressed the revision button to make it not auto-complete before they had that list of changes.

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asked him why he is requesting for revisions …he might be new to fiverr .

Thank you, i know about delivery stats but what if client give the revision at last minutes obv we need time for work. what should we do then?
he just came back to me, i did changes he approved the design and then i delivered the design again. HAHA you know what, he want to ask question from me and he did it through revision.
i told him please dont do this, you can ask question in the revision.

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He is top buyer, dont know why he is doing this…