What if buyer ignore the necessary extra and keep quiet after ordering?


Let say a buyer ordered a basic package but expects you to do something that’s offered in the extra. So you send the extra to buyer but he/she keeps quiet and do not response to your message. Or even if buyer response he/she refuses to buy the extra.

I would think the best course of action is to contact CS but what if CS do not response until the deadline arrives?

If I cancel the order before the deadline will my rating be affected?


Yes, the completion rate would be affected.
Deliver only what is due. You can consider to deliver extra work if there is a very good reason.
It also depends upon the size/complexity of the job.


My suggestion would also be to deliver the order without the extra included. Since the basic package is what they paid for, the basic package is what they will get


I must say that not to cancel the order, you have to deliver this time and change your descriptions and writes these words. ““Contact before ordering””, then all gonna be fine.

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How will that stop a buyer from ordering? It will encourage them to contact the seller, but it won’t actually stop them from ordering if they want to. :wink:


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Yes you are right but Sir, if you have mention in the descriptions that "“Contact before ordering” so you have a proof of your self and you can contact “customer support” about that and you will definitely get positive results from ““CS””.


I wouldn’t count on it to be honest.

All gigs are supposed to be setup so they can be ordered without any prior conversation with a prospective buyer.

Having ‘contact me before ordering’ won’t make a blind bit of difference if they decide to cancel, ask for extras etc. I’m afraid.


Yeah the best option to ask them for extra but if you get an order with higher requirement with a low budget and the buyer not willing to give extra’s in that case you will have to contact ““CS”” for this, and after that cancellation your cancellation rate not gonna be effected if you are right in your position. :wink:


Nope - that’s not always true either I’m afraid. :slightly_frowning_face:


Ok let hope for the best then. :sunny:


I already did that but some I think it won’t prevent a buyer to place an order without asking.


You sure about that? Care to share your experience when CS sided with you?


I can only do the work when buyer buy the extra. So since it’s not recommended that I cancel the order, should I just do the extra work for free? I think since I am just starting, I feel I need to do it just to keep a good rating.

It’s unfair for me but I’m not sure if I have much of a choice.


Sounds like an interesting read. I’ll look for it on AZ! :smiley:

If you like working for free then go for it! However, ask yourself this question, are you here to make money to support yourself and family? or working for free like a charity?


If you have lot of work then you will have to cancel the order and contact ''CS" for this. But if you are new then its my suggestion to do that work for him and take a low start to get more experience and clicks as well impressions.


As a rule, no: the first thing to do is to deliver what was paid. Extras (or freebies) can be eventually discussed after delivery. Exceptions exist, but they are exceptions.


Like I said I am just starting. I feel it’s more important than ever to maintain a good rating initially. I hope when I have enough rating, I can be more flexibility.


I can’t deliver the work without the extra. Actually buyer have to supply that item himself. It’s like creating a book cover from existing images. Buyer have to supply not only the cover but the spine image. Otherwise I’ll have to recreate the spine.

It won’t take much time for me to recreate it but I feel that this willingness can be abused by certain buyer.


That is what I thought… :disappointed_relieved: