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What if buyer takes the idea and cancels the order?

Im a level 2 seller ,recently a buyer message me to make illustration for her and she admired my work a lot , i also offered sample file and she loved it then gave me the order and said i have found ur work best among all i searched on fiverr so far, i finished my job and made 7 illustrations for her , she got the idea she got characters (even in watermarks she could use it) and suddenly after all the work she ask me to cancel the order , i agreed to cancel as i didn’t want negative review ,even cancelation effected my order completion rate :frowning:
my question is what is the solution of these type of buyers? cos of her i suffered,
my hard work went in vain and my order completion going down:(


It’s unexpected :unamused:

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This usually happens and these kind of scams are part of the digital world as well as physical market. You cannot stop them in anyway from cancelling the order.

To avoid order completion going down, if this ever happens, submit a ticket to fiverr customer support. Just explain the issue and report that buyer is doing scam and is able to use the delivered work and is not paying you now. Ask them to cancel the order without effecting your monthly stats. They’ll cancel the order from their side and your completion rate wont go down :slight_smile:

Hope you find this helpful.
Thanks a lot


You didn’t need to accept the cancellation seeing you delivered what they requested. You could have held firm. With CS being busy that may put the job in limbo for a while but worst that happens is CS decline and cancel the job anyway.

Second worse is that the buyer (and I question that) may put a very nasty review up but in 99.9% of these cases they guild the lily too much making it clear that they are at fault for what they blame you for so it is pretty easy to craft a careful response that gently putts that home to anyone with half an ounce of decency so not only do better people respect you but scum see you bite so are not an easy target.

Oh and don’t do ANY work before they commit and pay a good fee. That is suicide. Have a Portfolio here and somewhere like YouTube you can link to. Anyone who can’t trust you from that is not going to be a good client.



You made a mistake of accepting the cancellation. NEVER allow yourself to get bullied by buyers. Situations like this, and the fact that the buyer got away with it, is the reason that there are so many buyers keep bulling us and basically extorting us for free work.


Is this a very common issue with buyer or just a exception?

Common with new sellers unfortunately.


How can we keep ourselves safe from this type of issue?

very helpful tip thanks a lot…

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