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What if Client want to continue with cancel order

Hi, will somebody tell me the solution if Client accidentally cancel the order and he wants to continue with the same order?
because a new order will affect freelancer account,
he want to remove cancel order from his profile any solution


There is no solution. If an order is cancelled there is no way to reverse it.

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means even fiverr support can’t reverse it

it will effect on freelancer profile.
it is s a mistake of the buyer then why freelancer will bear consequences of that mistake

I assume you mean “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time”?

If so, no! Not even CS would remove it.

There is no solution

No still time left for delivery.
but when Fiverr send the alert message. he canceled the order.
and when I asked he said he accidentally did that he want to continue .

but I want to continue with previous project which he acidently cancelled

ok thanks for supporting

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How much it will impact on my profile .
now i have one order cancelled

I am confused. He can’t cancel the order unless you agree or unless it’s late. If the order is cancelled and closed you will have to start a new one.

You can see the completion rate % in your analytics.

thanks for helping. it its not get back then its useless to waste time

You should convince your buyer

my buyer ready to start with the project .but how he cancelled the project accidently

Once project canceled than it can not reopen one way is you should discus with fiverr support