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What if Fiverr DOESN"T LET YOU UPLOAD your files? 3 BEST SOLUTIONS 😍 😍 😍

Hello Friends!

Sometimes fiverr doesn’t let you upload large files to its system or it’s attachment button is not working sometimes. All of you may have faced this issue already. Some of you may know the solution and some of you don’t.

Here are three best solutions to overcome this issue.

Dropbox is the most famous file sharing site in the world. you can upload your files to dropbox and click on the share button. So you will be given two options either send through email or share the link given. Since fiverr doesn’t let you ask for sellers email you have to choose this link sharing option. You can copy the link given for your uploaded files and give it to your seller. So he can access to those files and download them

Jumpshare is exactly same as the dropbox. Once you upload files to Jumpshare you can copy the link usings the “Copy link” button on the top right corner and give it to your seller.

Wetransfer This is much better for sharing very large files. you can upload the file and then choose the link as sharing option. So, once the file uploaded to the system you will be give a link. but please note that these files will be remain on the system for just 7 days.


Well I usually Use Wetransfer :smiley:


Good! But the disadvantage of using wetransfer is you can’t keep your files as long as you need.


Yeah But once you send the link I always mention to download it before 7 days

I do use dropbox but it ended up with the no storage left :confounded: since my file sizes are usually are pretty high res and I have to clear the old work which is indeed a quite a chore so I ended up using wetransfer where I don’t have to worry about the storage or anything else :wink:


Yeah it’s good for large files :innocent::innocent:


So once you do this, do you upload on Fiverr when the system is again working? I’m wondering how you handle having the appropriate records on Fiverr to prove that you completed your gig? Does it even matter here once the buyer marks as completed or once it’s auto-completed?

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Keep an eye on these methods. since the new TOS regulations, depending on what links you are sharing through these sites, you may get Violation warnings… :frowning:

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I wouldn’t want to do any of them at all if I could avoid it.