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What if fiverr had a collaboration feature for sellers?


A feature where sellers could merge their gigs and work on projects together, this could help new sellers and improve the efficiency of old sellers making everyone happy,I mean the potential would be unimaginable . I don’t know how this would work but I could really use this feature, what do you think?


I agree it could be beneficial. Communication could be an issue unless people were working at about the same times (not necessarily the same timezones). And it could give better/faster deliveries (faster if multiple people were doing different parts of an order in parallel - if different things could be shared out so it could be worked on efficiently in parallel for faster deliveries - like rendering). But if 1 person was waiting for another it might make deliveries longer.


Yes , however it would use a shared time which the admin can set, other team members, accept invitation through a custom offer like system


A shared time for communication? Yes that could work. Though you could also have other team members working at totally different times so the order could be worked on throughout a 24 hour period.


This is a brilliant idea, which ordinarily would have been something Sellers could set up themselves. Unfortunately fiverr is a control freak and uses all of its powers to make sure Sellers never get together.

It’s against fiverr policy for Sellers to solicit each other except through fiverr’s clumsy Buyer Request or Order functions. Some Sellers who have had the advantage of time to set up their own little cliques frown on solicitations from other Sellers to collaborate.

Don’t expect help from fiverr, they’re too busy setting up collectives for Buyers. You do know they have already done that? Sellers are always last on their list. When it comes to incentive the carrots all go to the Buyers and fiver reserves the stick for Sellers—Cancellation Policy anyone?

Sorry, I don’t mean to hijack your excellent thread, but it had to be said.

A marketplace for Sellers within the Fiver world is an idea too good to pass up and I encourage you to work for it.


Well,you are right , but what can we do its their platform and we got to play by their rules, just need to keep this going long enough to finish med school, fiverr gets unpredictable daily , currently sitting at 0 level due to issues I had no control over and CS wasn’t ready to hear my case . Its a good platform though and improving the quality of life for the sellers would be very nice .