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What if fiverr webstie was closed?

i just thought now i m working on Fiverr all the time and thing I work in a feature on Fiverr but what if Fiverr website was closed? what people do r this is a lifetime
a crazy question but can anyone answer


Basically only fiverr know this answer.


Fiverr can’t close because of its traffic it can sell to another party…

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What if Fiverr website was closed?

Um, personally, speaking…

Life still goes on, I’d take a :airplane: to Tahiti to relax for 1 week. Sippin’ on some :pineapple: drinks. :tropical_drink:

Soaking up the sun and having fun on the beach. :beach_umbrella: :wink:


Do you expect to work on Fiverr throughout your entire life? And not to work anywhere else?


Not going to close anytime soon lol. As long as it’s here for atleast the next 4 years I’m good


no i have a studio but better earning here so thinking about spend more time here

alright good i also want to work on here spend my time here thats why i put the topic :smiley: if fiverr go close i spend time in stuido :smiley:

Sure thing, just don’t expect it to last forever. :slight_smile: