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What if Fiverr were structured like a social network? Thoughts?

I have been working on Fiverr for two years and the experience I had was very positive.

I have been thinking about a possible strategy to improve the website: adding elements from other social networks into the Fiverr profiles for each seller.

For example, in addition to sellers can create gigs about the services they offer, specifying and demonstrating their skills and buyers leaving them reviews, sellers should also be able to create posts in their Fiverr profiles with information that relates to their skills and services they offer (such as uploading tips, opinions, recommendations, photos, and videos).

It would be something similar to the structure of Facebook or LinkedIn, but you would have to think about it for the Fiverr profiles of the sellers.

From my point of view, this could give the buyers more confidence before contacting the seller, and they can know more about the seller’s knowledge.

Do you think that if Fiverr had a similar style to Facebook or LinkedIn it could improve the website or not?

I would like to read your opinions!


Do you think that turning Fiverr into something similar to a social network like Facebook or LinkedIn would be a good strategy to help sellers, buyers, and the website in general?

Better Title: What if Fiverr were structured like a social network? Thoughts?

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The idea is good, but I clarified those two names (Facebook and LinkedIn) because despite being relatively similar, not all social networks have the same type of structure.

Anyway, I will take your advice and try to edit it.

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I think it’s a terrible idea, personally. Looking at LinkedIn and Facebook, 95% of it is trash, clickbait, fake posts, etc. just to drive traffic and game the system. It’s full of influencers, gurus and the like that make theirs by selling an image, an idea, instead of actual products (made by them, of course - they are great at being shills for other company’s products).
Just go on LinkedIn, it’s ridiculous. It’s supposed to be a platform for professional networking, yet it’s filled with posts tricking you into liking posts, life lessons, coaches, and similar trash.

When I buy a service, I don’t care about who you are. I care about what you do. And what you do can be shown very easily with gigs and a portfolio.

To top it off, we already see a bunch of copycats on Fiverr, copying gigs, images, etc. That’s just what we need, people copying posts or writing more nonsense in broken english.


Thank you . You clarified in your first post, so the specifics aren’t needed in the title. That’s what your post is for: to elaborate.

Anyway my thoughts on it are mixed, and I’ll have to ponder it for a bit. First impression, though, is that Fiverr had something unique when it was first made. In business, ‘unique’ is highly coveted, so making a change like that seems like a step backwards.

To borrow a line from a convention “Gone Home already exists.”
(LinkedIn and Facebook already exist.)

I mostly said it for the reason that the sellers have the possibility to post information in their Fiverr profiles so that the buyers have a little more confidence and can know what knowledge the seller has.

I already knew about the gurus, the clickbait, and the fraud that exists on many digital platforms. But at no time did I mention that, but rather I said it because of what I wrote in the first paragraph.

And while it’s true what you say (that buyers don’t care who the sellers are) being able to post information about what you know, might make them more likely to buy your services.

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You can do that on your bio, or use your gigs and portfolio. That’s enough to show what you can do. No need for “posts”.


Ok, it is an opinion…