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What if Fiverr's forum was more like Facebook

Hi there!

Wouldn’t it be cool if Fiverr’s forum was more like Facebook? Where you could befriend somebody and follow their post and progress? Expacially if you like somebody’s post’s because they are always funny or maybe full of information etc.
Maybe exchange tips and advice on a regular basis? The possibilities are endless. The more I think of it, how better it sounds. Why shouldn’t Fiverr’s forum become a new social media platform!


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Like spying? :sweat_smile:

Because the forum wasn’t meant to become yet another social media platform :wink: The forum was made to help, converse, and mostly help. Social platforms have a whole different purpose that I honestly don’t like.

I kinda hate Facebook, and I know many who feel the same, and I love the Forum because it’s different from Facebook.

I don’t want to be followed by strangers, asked for friendship, be asked for love or a date, harassed, nor do I have a need to follow strangers.

And I already see enough fake profile pics on Fiverr - imagine what it’d be like if the forum would become a social platform. It would be fake pics galore!


Hi, Abby! :pineapple:

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Hahhaha yes ulmost like spying :joy:

Yes I understand that some people don’t like facebook, or maybe even HATE it (very strong feeling I’ve to say :wink:) But still, I would like it. Maybe because I don’t hate it and use not only for my entertaintment but also for my advantage. Outside of Fiverr I get my clients from Facebook! And ofcourse I get a lot of info through facebook (News, latest update’s in my field etc.).

Ofcourse it could be use for ‘bad and fake’ stuff. but also for good stuff i suppose?

anyway… that’s just my opinion. :sunglasses:


I think we have something here :thinking: Did you think about this idea for the purpose of getting clients through the “Fiverr Forum Social Media Platform”?

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Hahahaha no I don´t know how that would work on such a platform, since we already have it would then be a duplicate of that website, since buyers can ´follow´ sellers by adding to favorite etc.

The first purpose would be information and social contacts. Facebook is populair because it has a great mix of entertainment, information and involvement. I think that Fiverr´s forum ´upgrade´ would be something like Facebook…
the forum is ofcourse already a social platform… would just be nice if it would offer some extra´s as :

  • following persons of interests
  • main page be whith the post’s that suits your interest
  • main page with the most liked posts (such as the best tips etc)
  • making small communities within this community

But i understand i´m outnumbered with this idea! oh well i´m just giving an opinion, nothing to loose here.:hugs: