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What if gig deliveries get delayed unexpectedly because of Natural Disasters?

What if gig deliveries get delayed unexpectedly because of Natural Disasters? Im a 3D Artist and recently i lost a 3000$ workstation due to thunderstorms without warning.
Because of this i had to cancel few projects as well as lose my Level 2 badge with it all.

What kind of policies should fiverr bring in to help sellers who face natural disasters and become late or unable on delivering their gigs? :slight_smile:

I think here your own insurance (if you have one) could be applicable.
But then, most insurances don’t cover natural disasters… sucks kinda

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true on that! natural disasters are accidents too.

im good with the damage, i have to build up again stronger. but what kind of policies can fiverr bring up to help who get affected?

Did it have a good UPS? If not, that could/might help prevent it in future, as well as having a backup machine.

For policies they’d need some sort of proof of the loss and how the damage was caused, and maybe they’d add a note in the TOS saying you won’t lose a level for these specific proven circumstances. But they’d probably not want a lot of manual work on their side checking things. It might be easier for them if an issue affected a whole region, like an internet outage so they could make those who had the outage not be affected (eg. given longer to make the deliveries or something). Though it might be better if they had some automated system for that.

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None - it’s a natural disaster. If insurance won’t pay out because of it, I doubt Fiverr can be expected to do anything. Different if the outage was on the Fiverr end obviously.

A backup PC is a must really.


Sadly, you are on your own. I have had to take time off Fiverr suddenly due to being so ill I though I was dying. Then last year, I had Internet connection chaos which saw me have to work for weeks without a reliable connection. You basically have to employ whatever measures you can to plan around such disasters.

Replacing a $3,000 workstation isn’t a walk in the park. The thing is, as soon as Fiverr starts making special allowances for sellers in events like this, you will have lightning strikes, peoples hands falling off, and mutant ninja attacks happening on a daily basis.


hahaha! i was thinking on that. too bad! ;p

Indeed i do have.and all the projects are safe too. BUT the strangest thing was, a 50 inch 4k tv, a 27 inch moniter and the workstation was running through 3 fuses, and a UPS. so none of the other hardware was affected. strangely, even the power suppy,hard drives,ram,gpus are intact. the only thing dead was the motherboard!

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I had a work office router and PC all connected to surge protectors get blown up by a lightning strike which sent a surge through the phone lines and into the office router. If your machine was n a wired connection, this could well be the problem. Also, it would make much more sense to replace a motherboard rather than an entire work station.

Even more sense to claim for the work station on your insurance and err… Well, you can probably figure out the rest.


omg that explains! this workstation was directly plugged into the router. but the other workstation was not. it was connected wirelessly. so thats how the thunder avoided he UPS and entered the motherboard! how was the damage from your incident ? was the motherboard the only component that got damaged ? what about gpus, ram ? processor ?

I’m afraid I can’t tell you. Back then it was a case of just phoning IT and getting them to send me a new PC and router. All I took from the experience is that lightning can travel through telephone lines. Sorry!


understood! and thank you for that piece of valuable info. im taking the workstation into warranty tomorrow and praying for the best. the warranty ends next july! whew!

Mmmhhh… Ok, take from this what you will. When my incident happened, it was clear to me (since I heard and saw the lighnting strike and smoke start rising from my router) what had happened. My company, however, insisted that this wasn’t possible and said that I hadn’t been using a surge protector as per our IT SOP.

I had been, but lightning strikes coming through telephone wires simply weren’t in their risk assesments etc. In this case, you might want to not mention anything about lightning/thunder when you take your system in. If you do, you might get a “well if you weren’t using a surge protector, you facilitated this problem and your warranty is invalid.”

If your UPS is fine etc, you not saying anything will likely see problems get put down to a manufacturing defect with your motherboard.

Basically, just act dumb and say that your system died out of the blue.

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yes of course! i agree. The other strange thing was, i also saw a red ball of fire somewhere behind the cpu. but for some strange reason, no burn marks, no smoke or smell. weird. and the rest of the equipment on the UPS was unharmed as well.

I used a surge protector that didn’t work or stop damage from an electric surge.

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I see, how bad was the damage ?

I had to dispose of the computer.

ouch. i might not as well as like the message.:sweat:

you had no warranty ? in my case, the hard disks and the power supply are intact. i extracted all the data as well. so im assuming my components are safe but the mother board.