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What if i am new here

Hi there,
Don’t know why i am disappointed being new in here.
I feel like i may not have any order.
Can you give me some successful hacks ?


Here are some tips every new seller should know [LONG]:


You say that you have many happy customers who are with you until now. You can invite them to order from you through Fiverr the next time they need something. Also, you say that you have worked with celebrities, bands, small and large companies… If you have their permission, you can make a PDF with examples of the work you’ve done for them.


You just joined in July. Furthermore, July is about 4 days old. I received my first order after 45 days of beginning on Fiverr. Some lucky sellers get orders sooner than that. Take time to read the thread that @insects44 posted. Paul has put together a plethora of information for new sellers. Also read the TOS :arrow_down_small: Then you will be sure to always do what is right on this platform.


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Hi, make very attractive Gigs and share your Gig on Social media. And promote it. Also important is send 10 Buyer Request Every day.

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